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Hi i'm new and confused!!


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Hi everyone, well i am new here and am trying to adjust to the layout but its all a bit confusing right now! I am gonna try real hard to adjust to it though as i really need support!

Well i am 20st7lb i have battled with every diet i can think of! I have 2 children Joey who is 3 and Cleo who is 1, and i am desperate to really do it this time for them aswell as me! I dont wanna be the fat mum in the playground and i already miss out on so much with the kids like swimming.

So i done sw twice and each time i lost 2 stone in 2 months and then that was it nothing more no matter how i hard i tried, i went to doctor who was very understanding and ran some tests and turned out i had PCOS. She suggested i started on xenical to help get me in the right frame of mind as thats my problem with diets.

So i finally plucked up the courage to start them yesterday so far feel ok but i am worried about what i can eat, i am so useless with food that i have no clue, it seems alien to me to allow any fat into my diet, but i have been told i need to be eating it for xenical to work.

Yesterday i had fruit and yoghurt for breakfast as i dont eat breakfast that well so thought that would be a start. For lunch i had 2 slices of granary toast with half a tin of beans and for dinner i had 2 chicken breasts mixed with spring onions cherry tomatoes a spoonful of light mayo a handful of pasta and a sprinkling of grated cheese. I presume this was ok as i had no side effects but looking back there wasnt much fat there at all.

I already no that eating too many carbs doesnt agree with me so i am trying to cut them down.

I just dont no what i am supposed to eat, i no that xenical isnt a miracle pill and really i am using it as a way to train me and my brain into making the right choices with food but i already feel quite restricted and am wondering if i can cope eating like this forever.

Today i had bovril on granery toast for breakfast but i have no clue what to have for lunch or dinner, my husband suggested we go on a picnic today but i have no clue what i can take for me to eat, we went on one last week and took egg may sandwiches, crisps quiche snack eggs cakes etc so thats no good anymore!

Sorry for the long post i just really need some idea of meal ideas i wanna do low fat rather than going back on sw etc

I just feel like i am constantly thinking about food now about what can i eat etc
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Hiya, i have been doing xenical for about 3/4 weeks now and am managing fine.

Basically i still to my 3 meals a day with fruit mid morning and mid pm. I have foods which are under 5% fat (that's 5g per 100g) and limit my total for wach meal to 15 g fat max. I never have 15g of fat with one meal though and probably only have about 30g fat max per day. Calorie wise I am trying to have about 1500 per day with a few more on a weekend.

My normal day is

Special K with strawberries and skimmed milk

Apple or grapes

Lunch either pitta and chicken salad or beans on toast (no marg) followed by a low fat yogurt

Fruit mid pm

Dinner varies my favourite at the minute is

a chicken breast with salt pepper and paprika made into a foil parcel with a bit of water and the same with new potatos and cooked in the oven, only takes 45 minutes and no pans to wash i have it with veg and a bit of gravy (granules).

Hope this helps but if you need anything else I will try and answer but I am not really an expert yet. Someone else might be along later.


helen x x


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hey hun welcome to the forum if you get stuck drop me a message and ill try help you figure out the layout , although if you come here often you will get the hang of it i promise :)


first thing to note with xenical is it takes 3-5 full days of taking xenical for it kick in properly most people get no side effects in that time at all.. so if you been taking it just a few days you wont really notice much difference..

Fat is important you need it still but not too much , the meals you are eating sound really good but id add maybe a few mixed nuts it will give you the good fats and help xenical to kick in and do its job...

I hope this helps xx


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we are the same weight now so if you would like to buddy up & help each other along thats fine.. i also have facebook we can chat there if you find it too dificult to work out the layout.. but this site is wonderful the more i stay the more i love it x


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Hiya, thanks for replying you have both been very helpful

Yes that would be great to buddy up makes sense as no one else i no is doing xenical, i dont mind chatting here or on facebook but if on facebook it would have to be private messaging as my family do not no i am on xenical, they do not agree with slimming pills so i am not mentioning it untill i have some results!!!

I went to Asda today and bought some of there frozen ready meals they were a bargain at 5 for £4, they are all less than 2% fat and have only 2 or 3grams of fat per 100g so i am guessing these will be ok to eat? they are things like chicken korma and rice and lasagner, i just thought they would be great for nights when i cant be bothered to cook!!


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yeah i get some of the tesco ones mainly stick to the chicken/veg kind of ones sometimes pasta , i get bad reactions with the curry sauce things but they might be fine for you :).. just try within two weeks you will know what you can and cant eat and if im doing something wrong and get bad side effects i see it as not so bad because it points be out in the right direction...

i just got back from my mates i went there to cook for her and me.. we had brocolli , colli , peas and carrots a few new potatoes with some fish .. it was nice but my mate who eats a lot (like i used to not so long ago lol) was surprised because i put 3 lil potatoes on mine and she had like ten haha.. and still i left half of my meal.. i am getting better with portion sizes now and if i feel full i will leave the food where in the past id finish everything on the plate...

going to check some messages here then im going to do some taebo and dance dvd workouts.. might go on my crosstrainer too.

I understand about facebook i dont talk bout dieting and deffo not xenical on there as its kinda personal and i dont want the world knowing it lol.. if you search on facebook i am kiira kraze in the manchester network.

:) xx


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Ok i will look you up, yeah i did think that about the korma meals cos surely they have oil in or something, thats the thing with xenical i guess isnt it i guess its not just looking out for low fat but oily food too am i right?
I feel ok at the moment managed to get on the xenical website and it has tons of info so found it useful i was suprised they were saying to have more carbs and less leaner meat which is weird for me as i have always done the opposite!!
Well i guess its all trial and error i just dont want any nasty accidents or with 2 kids i cant be sitting on the toilet for long periods!


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I am sure i just typed out a reply and its not there!!
I will look you up on facebook.
I did think that with the korma it could cause a problem cos even though its low in fat it must have something in to make it creamy or whatever so i am now worrying about trying them!! I am hoping someone on here can shed some light!
I guess its all trial and error but i just dont want any nasty accidents, plus i dont have time to sit on the toilet all day with the kids!!
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Hi there and welcome to Minis :)
Like the others have said, a good rule of thumb for your diet while on Xenical is that your meals should be no more than 15g of fat, and that the food that you eat should be 5% fat ( on the food label, you're looking for total fat content to be 5g for every 100g of product). Also remember that even though things like oily fish, low fat marg/spread, nuts and seeds are full of good oils, Xenical does not make this difference and side effects are more than likely :eek:


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Hi Ali, thanks for replying, so do you thing that the ready meals i got that are only 2% fat and 2 grams of fat would be ok, the ones like korma and stuff?
S: 21st4lb C: 14st1lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 32.8 Loss: 7st3lb(33.89%)
2% fat is fine :) Anything up to 5% fat is ok and you shouldn't have any side effects ( remembering to stay within the 15g fat per meal :) )
Are you keeping a food diary? I would really recommend it if you don't. I've kept one for a year now, and I write down what I eat and how many grammes of fat in each thing. I keep it in my kitchen so I have no excuse not to fill it in lol :D


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I have not planned on keeping a food diary, i used to do it when i was on sw but hated it one of the kids always disrupts me and i get confused!
I will see how i go though if i find i am having accident not loosing etc i may start one then and that way i can get someone to check it for me.
Thanks x
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Hi Nat & Welcome x

I am starting mine on Sunday and am a bit wary =/ lol

Good Luck with losing the weight x

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