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I haven't actually started the diet yet to be honest. I have an appointment to see one of the counsellors for the cambridge diet on monday though. I can't wait to get going so I've spent all my spare time reading as much as I can so thought I might as well join here too :) i won't have much support for doing this diet, and I work with food (eek!) so I'm going to need all the support I can get. please :eek:

I haven't done anything like this before, didn't actually know what the cambridge diet was till recently but I've tried plenty of thers that I just couldn't stick with. I really need the strictness of not eating anything at all I think so I don't pick at things all day while I'm preparing food.

I am very determined to stick at it though, I'm so sick of being overweight.

I haven't read anything here yet but will do now. Hope you're all doing well.
Hiya Kati and welcome to the forum :)

Very best of luck for Monday, though I'm sure you won't need it. Excited for you :)
Hi Kati
Welcome to Minimins: sending you best wishes for your start on CD - you'll do just great and we'll all be here to offer support and encouragement throughout your journey. :)

How much do you want to lose?
Welcome Kati! All the support you could ever need is right here! And you can discuss ANYTHING here, believe me. I could not have achieved my weight loss without the wonderful people on the WeMitt thread. Having said that, ALL this site is brilliant.
Thanks everyone. I want to lose about 4 stone I think. I know everyone seems to have really quick weightloss with this but I've set myself a goal of being in size 14 clothes by christmas (or 12 would be even better but I'll settle for 14) Right now I'm 16 - 18 depending on the clothes
Hiya Kati, good luck for next week. Im sure you will do really well.

Im like you because I also had not heard of Cambridge (was I living in a cave or what) lol. Ive tried every diet out there and im hoping this is the one for me. I like the idea of the different steps and that you can chose to do ss or one of the others. Im on day 5. good luck again hun.
Hello Janey, and welsome to Minimins.
I hadn't heard of Cambridge either, and started my VLCD with Lighter Life (their advertising is good!)
I soon realised that Cambridge was the one for me, and changed, financial reasons playing a big part. I have never regretted my decision.
Good Luck to you. Post on here often.
Ann x
Thanks for that Anne. I know what you mean about the cost of LL. A friend of mine at work has chosen to follow it because of the counselling they offer. My councellor has phoned me twice this week and we have spoken for about 30 mins each time. Also with the support on here I dont think you can beat Cambridge.

Im off to bed now otherwise Ill end up sitting here all night and chatting.

Sleep well everyone.
Goodmorning Jeney
I know how you feel waiting for monday I was the same at the start of the year,seeing my CDC for the first time could not come quick enough and it was the best thing I have done for an age.I have been seeing Linda now for 8mts and it has changed my life,I like many others think CD is great hope you will also.
You can always log on here for support and the info you find out is great.
Good luck for monday,hope to hear lots from you,every one is here to help and support.
Are you upping your water and cutting your cards?both help with the start of CD.
love libbie x

I am on CD too, I was on it for 3 months from april-july and lost 3st3(just had summer hols etc a bit went back on but it has come off again now and back in the swing of things!!:p )

I had tried loads of other diets too and they all worked but not quick enough...so when I started CD and noticed the weight literally dropping off me it was the inspiration I needed to carry on!

There will be dark days but to be honest get through them and you will be well away! The results seems to happen daily....I had a black dress that was really tight when i started but it became my marker for my weight loss and every week I would try it on ...its now hanging off me!!!!

Good luck for monday honey, let us know how it all goes...keep posting here and enjoy the support and you will certainly reap what you sow:D !!

Hugs Lou X
You really won't regret starting CD. It's absolutely the best diet out there and believe me, having reached the ripe old age of 60 :eek: can honestly say I've tried just about everything else over the years lol

This site is such a brilliant back up - log on as often as possible - there will always be someone around to help and advise if you get stuck :)

GOOD LUCK with your start on Monday - Cambridge has completely changed my life, just wish I'd discovered it years ago.
Thanks everyone, the more I read the more I can't wait to get started. I'm going to throw out all the food that the kids dont like so I ownt be tempted to eat it.

One thing I was wondering about though....I'm seeing the counsellor at 2.30 on monday afternoon, would I be likely to get the food packs to start straight away? If I do should I not eat in the morning so I can actually start on that day or should I wait till the tuesday? I'm just wondering whether to bother eating or not before I go to see her. It certainly wont be hard not to because I often don't get to eat till after then anyway but sometimes I do if it's not busy at work. Oh and I'll know not to pick at anything if I could actually start on monday
Hi Kati
I picked up my food packs from my CDC at 4pm on the 23rd March and started on the morning of the 24th. I broke absolutely every rule in the book and had a chinese that night (like a last supper :) ) ... maybe that's why I had a bit of a tough time getting into ketosis!

Now, knowing what I know, in your position I'd start cutting down on the carbs this weekend and on Monday (but don't 'fast' - it won't really help). So I'd have no bread, spuds, rice or pasta ... just a little wholewheat cereal, veg and lean protein. Oh, and start increasing your water intake: these little steps will help ease you into ketosis as smoothly as possible.

Good luck with your new and exciting journey: we're all here to cheer you along and support you every step of the way! :D
I absolutely Live on bread and potatoes lol thanks for the advice I'll try that. I've already started trying to drink black tea (just to see if I could stand it) and will make sure I have plenty of water. I need to find a big bottle so I can have plenty ready to drink (I hate cold water it has to be warm or room temp) and to measure how much I have.
oh no someone has wiped off the address and directions of how to get there to see the counsellor on monday!!!!

I can't remember them to write it down again or to look it up on a map eek. I's not an area I've been to before .
I was so annoyed when I realised someone had wiped it off th whiteboard I'd written it on, I've been telling the kids for days not to touch it. No one is admitting to it though so they've all been punished.

This is the second thing to happen that could stop me getting started on this diet, I haven't even started yet and people are trying to sabotage it.

I know I should have written it on paper but I'd be bound to have lost it then.