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I'm here to lose weight and hopefully have some support and motivation...i'm 14 years old and i weigh 13 stone which is quite heavy for my age! (in pounds i think its 182)
i'd like to be able to lose weight and become a healthier and fitter person
i have tried before but after about two weeks i just gave up! i'm hoping to start in January 2010 and stick to this lifestyle change does anyone have any advice and motivation thank you! xx
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A Girls Got 2 Do ...
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so am i :) .. hello .... i went to SW club this year and did really well .. lost about 2 and a half stone.. then some crappy stuff ( called life) happened and i couldnt get to club ... and have managed to pile a huge chunk of it back on ... anyway, have decided its time to get back on the wagon, even if i cant now afford to go to club, SW is so easy, no need to go hungry ....and i know it will only be a couple of months before i will be back down to the point I had reached before!
Good luck to everyone,, ,, expecially the newbies like myself here.
well for a start your very brave, at 14 its alot to admit you need help, what do you like to do, can you go swimming thats a great help, also slimming clubs will let you join if you mum dad signs a form, that way you can get support from there to and help with menus what you should be eatting, i am starting again aswell so any help you need to give me a a yell xx
well for a start your very brave, at 14 its alot to admit you need help

I agree with Fairydust, you're very brave. And also very smart to be tackling your weight now, before it becomes an even bigger problem. You're heading towards some very exciting years (or maybe that was just me, I was a naughty late-teenager! :p) and what a better way to approach them than fitter and healthier.

Have you thought about what fits in best with your lifestyle? Are you a joining kind of person? If so then a slimming club may work for you-I know thst Slimming World let under 15's join, not sure what the regulations are though.

Good luck with whatever plan you choose hun.

PS, I hope that didn't come across as patronising as that so wasn't my intention!
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Thanks guys :]
I'm also abit worried about my confidence so i'm not sure about the slimming clubs? x

It can be a bit daunting at first. I think it's helping me come out of my shell a little bit. Not sure if that's a good thing or not! Do you have any friends that want to lose a bit of weight or an older sibling or parent than can go with you?
Alternatively the clubs usually have an online option, though that may be too pricey for you.
Is there a particular slimming club you're interested in? Rosemary Conley, Weight Watchers and Slimming World all have a regular mag that have a week's menu in it, you could maybe have a looksie in those and see if they suit?
I'm not really being any help, sorry!


A Girls Got 2 Do ...
S: 13st0lb C: 12st6lb G: 10st2lb BMI: 27.2 Loss: 0st8lb(4.4%)
the slimming world club that i attended was fantastic and SOOOO welcoming... maybe phone the group leader up to start with and tell her / him, that you are really nervous about turning up.. i think that especially once they know your age they are likely to take you uner their wing .. also, there is no reason why you couldn't take a friend with you the first time, they wouldnt have to pay.. then you could explain to the group leader how nervous you are :) ... its prob. hard to belive but a lot of us are VERY frightened when we join the Fat bum clubs ... even i was at the ripe old age of '21' ;-)
Big good luck though