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Hi Im new!


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Hi there been sent here by Katie a fellow member with her 7+ stone loss on the CD.

Im Sarah and started the CD next week got to get used this forum lay out its hard lol.

I have 4 children age 4, 2, 19 months and 15 weeks.

Im 5ft 9" and weigh 15 stone, im a size 14-16 and im hoping to lose 3-4 stone on the CD diet. I have my mentor coming next week im excited! lol

Look forward to getting to know you all and this forum layout! xx
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oo good luck sweet heart its so worth it , and has busy moms its hard to put our selfs first but honestly by doing the diet your doing what
best for yourself and your lovely children it was my 5 year old daughter madison who inspirated me to diet , shes very grown up and explained to me that she didt want a chubby mommy any more no thank you , i was a bit shocked but she was right now when ever we go out and im offered food, she will say thank you but mommy cant eat food shes on the milkshake diet shes so proud of me and to be fair its like having a cc with me all the time lol good luck , stay postive and remember you can do it xxxxxx


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Thanks, awww thats lovely so sweet of your little girl!

I really do hope i can do it, i have zero willpower going it alone so decided i really need to do something that gives you the support (ie the mentor)

I def want to do it for my children, i wont go swimming with them or run around on the beach with them as i feel to fat to do so, i cant wait to shift the 3-4 stone and to be able to do that and feel comfortable to do that. I know my husband thinks im big and without saying it i know he misses me the way i was pre baby and it hurts me so thats another reason, but most of all for myself, i want to look in the mirror and not feel sick when i do. I want to look and like what im seeing! xxx

Thanks for you reply. My mentor is coming tomorrow cant wait to get started! xx
hey :) you seem to be finding your way round ok , its very different to BC but you will get used to it :)

the lovely people on here are always on hand to give you advise , support and general sound board for any moans you have :)


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Thanks Both!

Im slowly getting used to it! Like you say VERY different to BC! lol.

Thanks too Simmy, you are def right. I would love to be able to go swimming with my children and run around on the beach with them as i cant now as i feel to big to do it. Im hoping one day soon i will be comfortable doing it and also rather than feeling sick when i look in the mirror, actually like what i see xx


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You are BC users too? Hey!!!


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Your very welcome and good luck x x


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Wow you were busy!!! I was on July 07 when it was the old style boards. Now use the new style BC more as a lurker - member of all kinds of different boards from Actively Trying (though thats on hold at the moment) through to WYOO (because I like a good argument with some total idiots - not saying they are all idiots but there are some who set themselves up to be shouted down!)


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Welcome welcome welcome

I have a 10 month old and do you know what?! Having done a TFR diet before (Lipotrim), I am finding this time a lot lot easier, because looking after a baby just takes my mind off it all.

Plus I don't have time to eat anyway in the day!!

Am sure you'll do really well xxx
Welcome and good luck! x


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Hey! Good luck with your start, first week is hardest as im sure u have been told but after week 2 it flys by!!

I agree about not having time to think about food with babies!! mine are 2(27mnths) and nearly 5 months....definatly keep u on your toes!! x