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  1. missy32uk

    missy32uk Member

    :)Hi there everybody, so glad I found this site.
    I am on day 4!!!!
    Day 1 I found it ok, wasn't to sure about the tastes of the formulas...must have went to the toilet about 50 times

    Day 2 Was kind of hard, started to feel really hungry, formulas tasted not very nice at all....must have been to the toilet about 50 times again

    Day 3 This was hard, I had no energy whatsover I sat at my desk at work and craved my next formula...I really like the taste now!!!
    Lay on the couch when I went home, only got up to go to the toilet...again must have been there about 50 times...I also had really sore side that felt a bit like trapped wind

    Day 4 I woke up this morning, I felt alive like I hadn't done for a while....then I went to get ready and my eyes look as though they have been opened wide open and they are really sparkly....I don't feel hungry and am not going to the toilet as much, am still drinking tons of water.
    I am guessing the K fairy has arrived.....:)
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  3. mandye

    mandye Silver Member

    you sound as if you are ready for your journey so thought i would welcome you to minimims .if you are having a bad day just come on here someone is always here to give you a hug or good advise .:grouphugg:group hug to start you off xx mandy
  4. ladylipo

    ladylipo Silver Member

    hi missy,
    im on day 3 today the last 2 days were a breeze!
    today is goin well too but im just really wrecked tired hav no energy :sigh::sigh:
    how much hav u got to loose if u dont mind me asking?
  5. Shazpaz

    Shazpaz Regular Member

    Well done girls........you both sound like you are doing fab. I struggled my first few days, but like Missy by day 4 I felt great.

    Good luck....the worst is out of the way now.
  6. ponypony

    ponypony Full Member

    As Shaz says, it'll be much easier once you hit ketosis. People who haven't done a VLCD don't understand how you can feel so good, and have so much energy when you are not eating. It's a bizarre sensation.

    Stick with it & do a ticker so we can see how you are getting on.
  7. missy32uk

    missy32uk Member

    I was 13 2 when I got weighed, I would really like to get down to 11 stone if I'm honest!!! Have been on diets before, but never seem to be able to get under 12 stone, and that really gets to me
  8. ponypony

    ponypony Full Member

    haha, me too!

    I started LT at 13stone 2pounds and as of this morning am 12stone 3.5pounds (just 2 weeks later). How tall are you? I'm 5'4".

    You haven't much to lose and it'll fall away.

    On other diets I seem to get to about 12stone, think, 'oh maybe I'm not so bad' and all my willpower goes. I can see that I'm getting places fast with this, and it's not going to be too long before I am skinny!

    I'm now on cambridge as I couldn't cope with the limited flavours on LT, but still lurk here as it's a bit friendlier than over on the Cambridge board...

    Good luck!
  9. Shazpaz

    Shazpaz Regular Member

    We are lovely on this forum arn't we ponypony!!:D:D:D:D:D
  10. dolphin

    dolphin Full Member

    hi missy and welcome .

    I to was the same so tierd on the third day but felt fantastic on day four .( love this diet)as many of us i have tried many diets and never and could never get passed the first stone, untill i heard of lipotrim bit the bullet and gave it a go could belive it when i saw the weight come it just keeps you going . I had abreak for a year and am no near the end nearly at my goal yippee .unfortuatley i dont have a cd near me as they do do many flavours but you get to like them i live of chocolate and strawberry and the odd flapjack when im out .you can play around with them eg have the vannilla hot with a spoon full of coffee bit like a latte or i have mixed the chocolate with vanilla but it is quite hard to get the powder splitt in half but good for a change . im sure other people have more ideas just ask .I could'nt have got threw some days without these fab people .well good luck on your journey to being skinny
  11. missy32uk

    missy32uk Member

    Everybody does seem really nice here.
    Im 5 ft 7inc, I would love to lose that amount in that time...do you exercise??
    I will do a ticker line when I get home
  12. dolphin

    dolphin Full Member

    i didnt do any at first then i started when the weight loss slowed down i go swimming once a week do about 40 lenghts then do a video at home once or twice a week and walk as much as i can but waiting till the maintenence to up it again
  13. ravenbeauty5

    ravenbeauty5 Keep smiling

    Im on Day 4 too missy but i have been here to many times before. I keep stopping and starting for some reason although I have benn doing it over the last few months so I havent had a long period in between to put any weight on so have gradually been going down which is fine too. I feel great today too and I keep stroking under my chin because it feels so nice and slim!! LoL
  14. Shazpaz

    Shazpaz Regular Member

    Me and you are still pretty similar Rachel. Looking at your ticker we have about the same to lose. I just want to get down to 11.6 before my holiday. Its 4.5 weeks off and I think I may be asking too much, but heres hoping. I've been told if I get to 11.6 then I'm no longer overweight......can't believe it I was obese when I started.

    COME ON GIRL......I know your going to do it this time...I can feel it in my water:eek:
  15. ravenbeauty5

    ravenbeauty5 Keep smiling

    I know, this time I feel like I am going to do it for sure. Its really hard at dinner time though and I cant sit on here all the time when I have two young children to fed so I just have to try to be strong!
  16. Shazpaz

    Shazpaz Regular Member

    I hear you, I've just been downstairs and made my little one fish, chips and peas.......she didnt eat it all...that is when I struggle. Putting a perfectly good fish into the bin is very tough indeed.

    If I lose weight this week I may not stick to lipotrim 100%. I'm getting fed up now. 7 weeks is a long time. I'll do lipotrim along with Atkins. All depends if I lose......Keep your fingers crossed for me please...weigh in tomorrow.
  17. ponypony

    ponypony Full Member


    I can honestly say that I wouldn't have made it this far without you girls. Everyone else keeps telling me I've gone mad and need to eat something........:banghead:
  18. ravenbeauty5

    ravenbeauty5 Keep smiling

    Im sure you have lost again this week Shaz. Im really dreading the weekend because I find it soooooooooooooo hard. This is my first weekend back on again. If I can get through it without knocking myself out of ketosis I will be very happy!!
  19. ponypony

    ponypony Full Member

    You'll be grand, just keep posting on here & glug down some water every time you feel tempted. We'll keep you on the straight and narrow!! :whip: :giggle:
  20. missy32uk

    missy32uk Member

    7 weeks is a lone time, well done!!
    I know excatly how you feel about the kids meals, thankfully my hubby does most of the cooking but I do the clearing up and thats the worst temptation...but am doing really well and not even thinking about it and just putting it straight in the bin.

    Am really pleased with myself today:D, I feel ok no hunger pains just really thirsty, and I still have energy.

    Will see how day 5 is.

    Thankyou for all your nice positive coments x
  21. janinelee123

    janinelee123 Full Member

    hiya, i'm on day 3. i'm not hungry at all but am having trouble having 3 shakes. i'm only having 2 but know this is bad so i'm going to try harder tomorrow to have the 3. its great to be able to come onhere and talk to people in the same position thou.

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