hi im new,


S: 13st9lb G: 10st10lb
I am currently 13.7 stone and this is the highest i have ever been !! i would say i need to get down to about 11 stone again to get back on track, don't really want to be any slimmer as it wont look right.

i Will be starting slim fast properly in the new year,
my only concern is, ill be able to do the 2 shakes a day and a snack in the day, but when it comes to my main meal, my partner makes this and he gives rather large portions and i wont know the calories in the meal. I don't cook as i work long hours and drive a long distance to work, so when i get home my dinner is ready. but i guess as long as i cut my portions down i should be okay.

Is it worth doing a 5 day trial next week at work do you think?? cos then im off for christmas, and i know ill never stick to it if im off work visiting family and friends, my fella spends a lot of time in pubs so ill be following, is their any alternative low cal drink i will be able to drink? even if its non alcoholic as i would normally go for coke, but don't like diet coke.
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Hiya Becki :)
Welcome to the Slim Fast Board.

If your partner makes the meals can you ask him to give you a medium sized portion and if you want to bulk it up with minimum calories add lots of veg or salad. You may not be able to be exact with the calories but on a medium portioned meal, two shakes and a healthy snack you are bound to lose weight.

Why don't you try a 5 day trial plan, you will be able to see if Slim Fast suits you and you could lose a few pounds before Xmas giving you less weight to have to lose in the New Year.

Have you bought any shakes yet? The Chocolate is yum-diddly-umptious.

Good luck, Boo x x