Hi....Im New!!


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Hi there everyone!

Im new to weight watchers, i joined online yesterday, i have been researching this new " Discover Plan " which is out but i am not entirely understanding it?....Would someone be able to explain it to me?....Ive worked out that i can have 28 points a day but i am having to think to much about what i can eat and then getting really hungry!! Im an ex slimming worlder, i can't really get on with that and i have heard such great reviews about WW..

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whyre you having to think too much? its worth getting yourself a points calculator if nothing else.. if you've done SW then it will take you a week or so to sink into the WW way of thinking - you can have whatever you want as long as your pointed portion fits in your daily allowance. Once you know the basics like bread (1.5 per normal slice, 0.5 per slice of WW bread) eggs (1.5 each) cereal (non sugary 1.5 per 30g) etc.. its really quite simple :)

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Hi Cheeky, the points calculator is a must but don't they send one in a pack to you or anything. I got a little cardboard thing at class?

There is a points query thread that will help and Rach and Jen are the points queens on here - so just ask.

Buying some of the WW branded food is good cause its already done for you but its a bit more expensive although there are some good offers on right now at ASDA and Sainsbury. (frozen meals are 3 for £2 at ASDA and the chicken hotpot one is lush!)

good luck and let us know how you are getting on.


Hiya Chucks!!
Hello+Welcome to WW.
Take abit of time to read through the paperwork and im sure you will understand it in no time.



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Thanks everyone, tonight i think i need to go home and look at what i like to eat in my week and see if i can incorporate that into my points allowance. I have printed off all the recipes which were in the sticky aswell, i don't have a points calculator so i shall have to get hold of one of them, i shall go and look on ebay now!

Thanks and i shall keep you posted on how i am doing....i really want to be thin in 2009!x


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just wanted to say welcome and good luck.


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Hiya Cheeks, welcome to Minis and good luck with WW, it really is easy to stick to and the recipes are fab! I made the chilli with macaroni last night and it was lush, took some to work for my lunch also!!
Im sure you'll lose all the weight you need to in 2009!


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Hiya and welcome xx Good luck :)


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Hi, welcome to WW! It is really easy once you get started although quite daunting at first! lol! Its amazing how quickly you will get to know the points of things and when you see someone eating feel an overwhelming urge to tell them how many points it is!! lol!! Perhaps that just me!:) Ebay has lots of calculators!! You will find one there:)


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Ahhhhh your all great i am so glad i found this site...i literally stumbled across it!!....tonight i am not sure what i am going to cook as i am so skint after christmas and can't afford to buy food at the moment so i shall have to run down the freezer which is abit worrying but i shall see what i can do....

I shall definately try and come back on here on a daily basis, oh and by the way i have bought a ww points/database calculator off of ebay for £15 inc postage which i thought was pretty good?