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  1. Monny

    Monny Member


    I started this yesterday. I don't know if I am going to be able to stick it out for 3 months. I have 3 stone to lose. I like the shakes but found the chicken soup revolting. I will have to stick to the other 3 flavours. What are the flapjacks like, does anyone like them? I must admit I am a little nervous doing this diet as you read so many reviews saying you will put the weight straight back on. But as it is done by GP's it can't be that bad. So I am going to give it a go. Does it get any easier the second week? I would love some advice.


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  3. MrsFatBum

    MrsFatBum Gold Member

    hi and welcome
    if you stick to it you will definitely lose 3 stones in 3 months..
    i did like the chicken soup at first but find it revolting now. stick to the others and stay away from the flapjacks. they are disgusting! but to be honest its an acquired taste, you might like it. perhaps next week you could ask your pharmacist if they could give you one to try or something. some people just like them for the sake of having something to chew on.

    i have read too many reviews about putting the weight back on afterwards but since coming on minimins i have also come across a lot of people who have maintained their weight. it all depends on your eating habits at the end of the diet... if you are going to go back to old eating habits then yes you will put it all back on in a shocking amount of time.

    it definitely gets easier in the 2nd week, once you get the 1st week out of the way and go into ketosis you will be fine. you should be aiming to drink 2 litres of water a day but dont over do it. i always sip on water if i feel hungry between my shakes and it really does help.

    also, if you do feel like you wanna cheat or you just feel down just log in here. there are so many people here who are in the same boat as you and will be here to help you along the way. this place has been amazing support for me :)

    good luck and shout if you need anything x
  4. rainbow brite

    rainbow brite ~Starsprinkled~

    Hey there Monny. Great to have you on board. Well you have taken the biggest step already and got yourself on the diet so hats off to you :)

    I know it seems like a long time to be on such an extreme diet, but trust me - I've done it for 3 months before and felt after the first week or two it stops being a diet and just becomes habit. Strange as it sounds you will develop a disassociation from food. I'm not saying you'll look at food at think 'yuck' - you'll look at food and appreciate that it probably tastes good but you won't feel the need to eat it. I am being completely honest with you when I say that it gets easier.

    As for putting the weight back on once you finish the diet - yes you will if you go back to eating the way you did before. TFR is supposed to give you a break from your relationship with food so you can sit back and assess what went wrong. It also cleanses your pallet so you may find that you enjoy different foods when you come off the diet - less salty fatty foods and much less sugary foods. Lipotrim is an amazing diet and rewards those who stick to it rigidly with great results. However it is not a magic pill and if we go back to eating the wrong foods at the wrong time we will regain the weight.

    It certainly does get easier the second week honey. Stick it out and prepare yourself for a few rough days followed by a fantastic WI after 7 days of hard work.

    My advice to you would be to stop thinking like it's a punishment and take it one day at a time. It's all about the mental state. If you're truly ready to commit to such a diet then you will succeed. Remember, food will always be there when we finish LT :)

    Best of luck to you!!

    ~Gem xx
  5. nicki26

    nicki26 Gold Member

    well done rainbowbrite,couldnt of said it better myself :-D

    HI monny and welcome to minimins, good on you for taking the first step and starting the diet.

    there is a chance that it wont even take three months to lose the weight that you have to lose. even so once you get the first week over with and get into a little routine with it you will probably find it easy especially when you start to see the changes in yourself.

    i did lipotrim for 5 and a half months and it was a great experience,losing 8 and a half stone in that time, i started eating again in august and maintained my weight up until xmas where i gained 5lbs 'shame on me' lol but i expected that as i allowed myself treats and alot of alcohol. so it can be done, there are plenty of us on here thathave maintained and i am sure that you will too

    take each day at a time, come on here if you feel like you are struggling and need to talk,there is always somebody around with advice or just a chat as i know it is nice to be able to talk to somebody that can relate to what you are going through.

    you can do it hun and i look forward to sharing your losses with you and seeing you achieve your goal

    nicki xxx
  6. Cathy

    Cathy Silver Member

    Hi Monny,
    Welcome to minimins.
    Honestly there isn't anything to add to the very wise words from the girls above, except GOOD LUCK!! xx
  7. janedee1978

    janedee1978 New Member

    im new to it too. im on day six and looking forward to mondays weigh - in. it does get easier as the days go by like everyone says x
  8. catssseyes

    catssseyes Team 1 all the way!

    Hi, I'm new too- also on day 6 like previous poster.
    I have found this forum brilliant! Everyone is so helpful and friendly. Good luck! xx
  9. rainbow brite

    rainbow brite ~Starsprinkled~

    Welcome to both of you :)
  10. Purpleangel

    Purpleangel Silver Member

    just wanted to say hello :)

    I am going to be on LT the same 3 months as you :) We will get through it! You just need to channel your willpower, or just tell EVERYONE you are doing the diet so you will be to embarrassed to quit - thats what i've done. I tell you the embarrassment of quitting stopped me snatching the hubby's second portion off dinner off him tonight....:8855:
  11. loulouless

    loulouless Is a loser :)

    Hi Monny and Catssseyes, keep with it once you see the fantastic results you can acheive i'm sure it will give the the boost to continue. I have at least to July and longer as I have a lot to lose but to me its a short time to get a large portion of my weight off.

    I've had a sticky couple of weeks due to functions xmas etc but when I've been on it fully after a few days i have a great feeling of welbeing, the shakes do get a little easier, I have to laugh because 3 weeks ago I was saying exactly the same as you about them. Soup is yucky and bars are like eating sawdust with vitimins, stick to what you can stomach and remember they are for fuel not to be moreish. Good luck!
  12. cuddlyfairy

    cuddlyfairy Gold Member

    Hi and welcome.

    I started LT back in April and only planned to do 6 or 7 weeks but found it easy to stick to and I loved the results I was seeing. I ended up doing it for 8 months and lost 9 stone. Tell yourself you will just do a month and see how it goes, I'm sure you too will be so impressed with your losses that you'll give it another week, and another week and another week till you get to your target!!!!

    I'm only back on coz over Christmas I DO-ed the choccies and put a stone on in about 3 weeks - bad habits die hard!!!!!! You will put weight on if you aren't careful afterwards but that is true whichever diet you follow. Christmas was a hard time to start refeed with all the temptations around but I hope when I redo my refeed I will have learnt valuable lessons from last time - and put the knowledge to good use!!!! It is encouraging that I am craving veggies and salad rather than naughty stuff!!!!

    Good luck.

  13. Monny

    Monny Member

    Wow, what a lot of responses. Did not expect such great support. Thanks for all your advice and comments. Cuddly fairy well done on your huge weightloss, you must have very good willpower. I am definately going to have to work on mine. I find it hardest when I am in front of the telly late at night, will have to start ironing to keep my mind of snacking & I love ironing! I will aim to stick it out for the first month and see how I go. Purpelangel please let me know how you are doing every week, we might be able to keep each other going. At least I know I am not the only one out there. My first weigh in is not until Thursday so will let you know how I went.

    Thanks again everyone for your support. Good luck with your own goals.
  14. Monny

    Monny Member

    Happy that I am not the only one that thinks the soup is disgusting. I have 4 packets left in my bag for this week, I wonder if they will exchange them if I asked. Otherwise I will be one meal short on 4 days, cannot stomach them at all. I like the shakes, don't love them but actually look forward to the next one during the day. Good to hear it gets easier. Thanks :)
  15. nicki26

    nicki26 Gold Member

  16. Soph

    Soph Full Member

    I'm sure they will, my chemist said upfront if I didn't like any I could swap them....so back went the flapjacks.
  17. blue eyes

    blue eyes Positive and focused!

    Hi and welcome Monny. I started lipotrim 16/09/08 and lost 3 stone in 10 weeks. I then went on holiday and I'm starting back tomorrow to get to goal. I have not put any of the weight back on. Like you that was my main concern losing it and putting it back on, but you could do that with any diet. After the first week you will start feeling so good! Goodluck.XX
  18. fragglerock64

    fragglerock64 Silver Member

    hiya mony welcome to lt can I suggest you take it 1 day at a time your tastes do change and you may find that in the next weeek or so you actually enjoy the chicken soup hang in there and we will support you all the way

    keep strong

    XX sharron
  19. Monny

    Monny Member


    Thanks I will try the chicken soup again in a couple of days. Just finished cooking dinner for my 3 kids, pasta and chicken in a tomatoe sauce. The smell is torture. Have grabbed a large glass of water and avoiding the kitchen until they are finished. My husband is in Iraq at the moment so at least I don't have to watch him eating later as well. I will definately have to take a day a time. But if all of you girls can do it, so can I!! I find this site a real inspiration as so many of you are doing so well. :)
  20. lippy

    lippy Full Member

    Hello and welcome Monny...best of luck and well done for starting..

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