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Hi I'm not back but (clothes advice)

I need an opinion on my dress before the weekend and this is the only place i know of that I'll get an honest one :p.

Hubby hasn't said it but I can see that he doesn't like it (his facial expressions are so obvious) but I love it so need some outside opinions as I now feel really crap in it (I hate my knees too so feel quite exposed but still love the dress!).

Emma xXx
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Hi I didn't wanna read and run, I think that dress is so pretty but I don't think it does much for yout shape. Sorry. I think a belt round the middle to show off your curves would make it better. Sorry again.
Ok thanks, I must have something wrong with me then cos I thought it looked nice on, never mind.


...we're sinking deeper.
Emma! The dress is very pretty on you! However it feels a little bit like you're hiding yourself in it. :)
You have lovely legs sticking out the bottom, lovely knees, lovely arms (lovely chest! I wish I had one!) but a little accessory belt like Gemma suggested would really put that final sparkle! You should be showing off your beautiful figure! Show the world what you have achieved (even if you don't quite see it at the moment) ... Be proud of yourself, because you are gorgeous.
After all, clothes don't wear us... we wear the clothes and make them suit our needs! Add a splash of colour, put on some glam boots or pretty shoes and strut your stuff!! :D

it does look nice, i like it, what kind of shoes are you wearing, really high ones will make your legs look long slim and sexy in a dress that length
Yeah I have a brown belt that looks quite nice with it. I was concerned about looking pregnant, being short it's hard to know what to wear but will def give the belt thing a go.

It's a very pretty dress em. as other people have said, show off that new figure, don't hide it.

My OH had persuaded me to buy all kinds of stuff I'd never have DREAMED of wearing before or even now I'm at my goal. Even wearing a bikini at size 18 (going from a 28 in March) last summer was a big challenge. But now I wear t shirts that don't just hang down from my boobs. I pull things in to show that, even while i have a far from flat tummy, I do have a waist line!

Remember, you don't need to shrink into the background, you never did but you certainly don't need to now you really ARE yummy.
I think the two key things are colour and things that are fitted, otherwise I end up looking much bigger that I actually am. (I sound like trinny and susannah now) Or have you thought about wearing a lovely scarf? lol (you have to have seen the LL DVDs to get that one I'm afraid).
Whatever you wear, be confident and you'll look just great.
You're legs are fab by the way...get them out! xxx
Emma, I really like it!! I think it would look lovely over jeans too. The belt sounds good too, but I think that it will be very flattering when you are moving about and it flows over your lovely figure.

You wear what you want girl - if you like it, then that's the one! Oh and the knees are just fine!! ;-)

Hope you are feeling good girl!
hi there
what shoes are you planning on wearing?
i like the dress, its pretty - but tbh it does look a bit like you are hiding your shape under it, I think you maybe needed a size smaller! (- but it still looks nice). Can you post some pics with the belt on?

don't worry about your legs, they look fine!
daisy x


...we're sinking deeper.
Or have you thought about wearing a lovely scarf? lol (you have to have seen the LL DVDs to get that one I'm afraid).
ROFL! This made me laugh!

Mmm, but I agree, don't be scared of colour...! I used to be addicted to wearing black, black .. and oh... black! ... Now I wear all sorts and actually it makes me FEEL happier too! When you feel sexy - I think it shines through. And man - you are sexy! I love the new avatar! :D

And Poppy - lovely new picture... I really love the swirly purple/green dress... where did you get it?
Er thats a size 12 lol my boobs would never fit into a size 10 :p. Thanks for the comments though :D. I will def post pics with the belt later when I can be bothered to get changed again, I do hide my figure a bit sometimes but usually my clothes are quite fitted so the flowy things new for me as is colour as that dress is the most colourful thing I own at the mo!

Emma xXx

Welcome not back !!
It's probably too late for advice from anyone now. I suppose you are asking because you feel a little bit down and uncertain at the moment, but the others are right - you must wear what you feel good in. If the dress makes you feel nice , wear it.
I have to say I have felt the same recently. My legs have been out of hibernation after 25years and it's very scary, so to draw attention to the top half at the same time is doubly scary!!
I'm going to see my Mum tomorrow and would like to wear one of my new short baby doll style dresses with leggings and boots, but I know she'll say it makes me look pregnant, so I'll probably decide on something more conventional. Partly why I'm up now, can't make my mind up.
However. Lovely position to be in, so much more choice, different styles, different colours - Loving it.
Feel proud of what you have achieved whatever you decide to wear.
Lots of love, xxxx
Hi FYM - I think you look great in the dress and your legs are fab. I suspect the fact you have your arms up to take the pics is distorting the image a bit and I'm not sure you'd need a belt.

Maybe your OH is having difficulty adjusting to you wearing something completely different to he's used to. Hence the expression.
hi FYM - did you wear the dress last night?

i bought a stretch waist belt in next yesterday - omg, it made my waist look tiny!
if you have not tried one on before i would say have a go, i am still in shock!
daisy x
Yeah I wore it over jeans in the end with cowboy boots, looked fab :) ended up being a daytime outfit though will put pics in my album in a min xXx
Theres a couple of pics in my album now xXx

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