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Hi I've returned to MiniMins

... on yet another diet!

I've tried, Slim Fast, Slimming World, Weight Watchers, Atkins and now doing the Dukan diet.

I hope I can stick to it.

I originally lost 1.5 stone doing The Cambridge Diet and have managed to stear clear of adding any more pounds back on. Though, it's not been easy!

I'm also having terrible trouble updating my Ticker ... anyone able to help?
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Hi pJ and welcome back. Just click on your ticker and you should be able to change it?

have you got the dukan book?
Hi, yes I have the book and have tried to make some recipes from it: without much success, lol.

I made the Indian Chicken and the yogurt curdled. Then I made the Café Crème and, well, not sure if it was made correctly and I could so eat all of the 4 servings NOW!

I take it you've done well on this diet? I've seen a few of your posts and you seem well into it.:D

P x:553:


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Oh which one is the indian chicken???? I tried the pepper steak and that curdled too :D

yes im doing ok - WI tomorrow for a lot of us too!!!
... Indian Chicken is in the book. Something like, a whole chicken with low fat yogurt, garlic, ginger, spices, etc. It was awful!

I had my first Galette this morning and it was yummy! :p

Are there any limits on eggs, do you know? And what about milk, is it limited?

Oh and another Q. On the cruise phase, does the body still stay in ketosis?



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eggs 2 yolks per day but unlimited whites
skimmed milk 50ml

im on cruise and in ketosis. cos you are still having limited carbs.
Good news about the Ketosis - speaking of that, last night I was in ketosis but today I am not.

Re. the milk and eggs: there is nothing in my book which states how much milk or eggs you can consume. It says that if you have problems with cholesterol then you should limit to 2 yolks aday. Therefore, I should be able to eat as many as I like. Again, milk, there is no limit on milk and nothing is mentioned in the book about it being limited at all.

Hmmm ...:confused: I had an egg with my gallette and 2 hard boiled. I have also had a mug of hot milk.
Taken from: www.dukandiet.co.uk

Is there a limit to the amount of skim milk I can drink each day, and does the milk count towards my daily liquid intake? Thanks.

Hi Deedee, you can drink quarter a liter per day as a part of daily products as it's not considered as a liquid.

Another late post from me :) insomnia...

Just thought I'd say welcome, fell off the Dukan wagon quite spectacularly this week :S but am back now and WI tomorrow - similar height and weight to yourself and wanting to get down to 150lb :)

good luck with your loss - let us all be losers :)...

although I'm not holding my breath for tomorrow - I've been bad :S
Hi Sarah - what made you fall off the wagon?

I'm going to weigh in now so I'll be back in a while to update. However, I don't feel very hopeful!

Fingers crossed, Sarah! xx
Am I eating too much on PP

Breakfast: Dukan pancake + spiced prawns

Lunch: Brie (small slice, I know, I shouldn't have!) Smoked salmon, curried prawns

Dinner: beef/chicken balls

Have walked 20 mins too. Oh, and tomorrow I am doing Race for Life, I normally jog but not sure I'll be able to. Should I push myself to jog still? Tomorrow I am moving on to PV.

Any advice would be great!


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not eating too much at all. thats the beauty about this diet. as long as its allowed food you can have as much as you want :D

best of luck for race for life today!!!! just do what you feel you can x


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lol you are not a fat lass and well done you!!! and di you have a drink? and no you arent supposed to! ;)


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wow well done you :) a massive run and no drink! wow you win this weeks Dukan medal....the prize is.....an imaginary pack of revels ;)

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