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Discussion in 'Herbalife' started by metrognome, 20 June 2014 Social URL.

  1. metrognome

    metrognome is getting better at it

    hello all
    have been looking into the shakes as i know someone who uses them, but what do you eat with them on a days menu, have heard its lots of protein and you have a set amount of cals.
    any knowledge on this would be good
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  3. Jade x x

    Jade x x Full Member

    Hiya :) u can have a wee look at my diary & that will u give a wee insight 2 a day on herbalife? Its called 'my 90 day challenge diary' yeah herbalife promotes a gd protein intake with some complex carbs. I dont calorie count & dont intend 2, not sure if other coaches suggest that tbh! Its abt gd food at regular intervals! & in general a healthy active lifestyle. Hope u decide 2 join us....u will nvr look back :)
  4. metrognome

    metrognome is getting better at it

    thanks will go and have a look x
  5. Clover89

    Clover89 Silver Member

    Welcome, or my diary :)

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  6. jadestar86

    jadestar86 Full Member


    I'm one week in and finding it very easy - no calorie counting here.

    I have a shake for breakfast and shake for lunch (or dinner if I have a work lunch). You need protien snacks after breakfast and lunch so a handful of nuts, some popcorn, boiled eggs, some fruit, small bits of meat etc or a protien bar - I use herbalife's own bars for my PM snack which are yummy. Dinner is protein and Veg/Salad. (My diary has all my dinner ideas) you also get fibre tablets and vitamins to take with each meal and hit the water hard!

    One week in and I'm never hungry and have sat for a meal with everyone eating what I would have ordered before and not cared, it really does curb the 'crap' cravings and I've re found the energy to exercise.

    First step is to find a wellness coach and have an evaluation! x
  7. fatmumof1

    fatmumof1 Full Member

    No calorie counting 2 shakes per day with vitamins 1 meal with meat and lots of leafy greens/salad/veg. Best healthy eating programme I have ever done 25lbs down and counting! Find a wellness coach they will support you as will we

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