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Hi, my name is Helpme (well, Ian really!)

Hi Guys,

Im Ian, 24 and from Birmingham UK,

I have been overweight most of my life but since working in a office 7 years ago i really started to pile it on.

I started Slimming World about a year ago and lost 15lbs but with getting married and honeymooning i lost track and infact ended up adding 8lbs to my original highest weight.

Few weeks ago i started to notice i couldnt fit in my clothes properly and started to get out of breathe quickly which I really didnt like.

Im not confident enough to go to a Slimming World class as you dont hear of many males going (plus im really shy anyway) so have joined the online service (which I think is a bit pricey considering you dont get a personal support person like the classes)

Anyway, I started on 18th Oct at 242lb and looking to get down to 168lb, no deadlines as long as i stick to the diet until i get there.

Ive started a food diary (http://www.minimins.com/slimming-world-food-diaries/174753-helpmes-first-diary.html) but not sure if ill keep that up as I do it with SW anyway.

Looking forward to supporting and been supported by you guys, any questions let me know :D
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I had the same problem

Hi Ian,

Your not on your own, i was exactly the same, too shy to leave the house, so gym was out of the question.. i made the choice to weight loss surgery 1 year ago, it was the end of the line for me after trying everything.
Ive lost the majority of my weight, using the band as a tool to help me and an eating plan supplied by my provider.
Ive had so much help along the way, the support of the company and my family and ive now reached my goals.
I will help you as much as i can..



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welcome to minis, wishing you well with sw

Hello Ian, welcome back to the world of slimmers and first of all, congratulations for your wedding and honey moon! Hope you had a fantastic time! Where did you go? :D

I'm a Weight Watchers member, so I don't really know much about SW, do they have an online version you can enroll to? I couldn't go to WW classes when I rejoined, as I was too busy so I've done the plan online and it worked wonders (I lost 70 lbs up to now, but 63 in 10 months and the last 7 while in maintenance now!)

Good luck for your new journey, keep in touch!
Hi Guys,
Thanks for your replies, sorry I haven't got back to you sooner,
I went on a cruise around the med on the Thomson Dream, was really good even though the ship let it down a bit.
3 weeks in and not going aswell as I had hoped, been a few days where I have gone way over on syns due to going out with old friends (dam beer being so high syned!) and being away on business for a few days with colleagues.
Overall I have lost 4.5 lbs which is ok but could have been more, next weigh in is Monday so gotta be really strict over the weekend
Just noticed you are getting married on 14th May next year, we got married on that day this year. Congrats and all the best!
Just noticed you are getting married on 14th May next year, we got married on that day this year. Congrats and all the best!
wow, that's a coincidence! Hope you had a fab day :)

ps: thanks for the wishes! I'm looking forward to it, but there's lots to plan as you know :D

hello fellow midlander!! Im from wolverhampton and in same situation as you, i hated going to the meetings because im very shy!! So what im doin now is just healthy eating and exercise! :) Ill get there eventually and im pretty sure you will get there too.... you just need to keep sayin to yourself "i can do it" :)

Good luck and if you ever need a friend... im here :) x

Miss Mango

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Hey there Ian, welcome to Minimins, I know the feeling of clothes not fitting and getting out of breath quickly - I got to that stage too and felt awful! I've now lost 21lbs of weight and am fitting back into my old clothes and am now breathless anymore. I still need to lose 50lbs so a way to go yet but I'm determined to get there.

Anyway, it sounds to me like you are on the right track and I'm sure that the group at SW would have been pleased to have you join their meetings - although I do understand you feeling shy. Glad to hear you've joined the online club - that will certainly help :)

Keep your determination and willpower - make sure you keep us updated on your progress, we're always happy to hear of weight losses on here. Chat soon :)

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