hi, new and this is my journey.

Discussion in 'SlimFast' started by chocaslim, 4 February 2013 Social URL.

  1. chocaslim

    chocaslim adores posting

    Hi there, OK not so new but have been away for ages due to paronoier and ill health but I'm back I go to Egypt in 2weeks and want to lose a few pounds I'm a cleaner by trade and work all day so this will be a good diet for me.
    I have cysts which cause me pain but they are not pcos apparently I also have a sensitive stomach and digestive system so no spices and hot food slim fast sounds ideal oh pasta is a no no as it bloats me out as does bread.
    Oh sorry I'm 35 and I'm brina weighing 10.4 would love to be anywhere in the 9s before I go thanks everyone x
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  3. Rach_25

    Rach_25 Full Member

    Welcome, its my first day today also good luck, just to let you know there is an offer on at the moment in boots you are getting a tin of slimfast for £2.97 down from £5.95 :)
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  4. chocaslim

    chocaslim adores posting

    Great thanks rach_25 just been to sainsburys they are £5.95 there but I got £3.90 of my next shop as it came to more than if i'd gone to asda or tesco sainsburys are good like that really. I'll pop to boots though.
  5. chocaslim

    chocaslim adores posting

    Well just had my first strawberry shake and I have to have a yakult light everyday so I've just had that too got a small banana for snack and a meal bar for lunch as I'm out working till 3
  6. chocaslim

    chocaslim adores posting

    Main meal sainsbury salmon fish pie and broccoli and cauliflour 310 kcals I've had all 3 snacks banana mini animal biscuits apple.
  7. chocaslim

    chocaslim adores posting

    Well of today waiting for a parcel had a meal bar and two coffees so far I must admit I'm starving and not feeling very positive at the moment having a shake for lunch and a sainsburys cottage pie for dinner ...banana, mini animal biscuits and apple for snacks so hopefully I'll stick to this.

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