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Hi! New Beginning For Me


i love my family!
Hiya, ive decided to come over here as this is the only diet I seem to be able to stick at for any length on time. I lost over a stone on it after my first child 8 years ago. After faffing around on various other diets and losing motivation im back for another go.

Im hoping to lose a stone by the time I go on holiday 6 weeks tomorrow, I think this is acheivable!! Im more of a New High Protein Diet follower though (lost half a stone in 10 days last year but heart wasnt in it) so will probably follow those guidelines rather than Atkins.

I wanted to ask a few questions.....I socialise regularly which sometimes involves the odd takeaway and trip to the pub. How often is TOO often when drinking alcohol......and whats the best kind of takeaway to get? THanks xxx
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hiya, welcome to the atkins board!!!

drinking....clear drinks, ie vodka, dry white wine, gine....mixers? sugar free fizzy, slimline tonics.

Takeaway - foo yung from chinese (egg) kebabs,

i would allow once a week for both but if your looking to make major losses in weeks then avoid anything that can hinder you xx

we're here to help (god i sound like asda or something lol) ask anything you want....someone will have the answer x


i love my family!
Thanks! Thats really helpful. Will switch to vodka and limit to a once a week treat. Looking forwardto getting started tomorrow x
Hi there - nice to have you here! I'm still new and it helps when folks respond to your questions and support you a bit. So - hope things work out... :)


i love my family!
Thankyou and good luck to you. You are doing very well so far! x


Carbs are Evil
Hey and welcome to the board, any questions just ask, someone on here will be able to answer it :) x


i love my family!
Thankyou! Ive got a quick q about ketostix.....do I wait 2 days before I test? Thanks x


Carbs are Evil
You can test whenever you would like but if you've just started I would wait a couple of days for ketosis to kick in x


i love my family!
Thankyou, thats what I will do. Got some from Tesco chemist today, less than £3, I thought they may have been expensive so happy with that!
Watch out for booze when you are in ketosis. The effect can be like a sledgehammer and if it doesn't floor you it can still make you feel ill.

Also it can lead to cravings and, sooner than later, a shall we say slackening of 'control'? At the end of a night's drinking those takeaways or leftovers or tempting cupboard treats can seem suddenly ON limits...

I speak from experience here!!

Good luck x

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