Hi new CDers


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Welcome new CD people!!!

x Lostris


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Hi im starting 2moro anyone wanna set up a new team with me??


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Hi Babyballie, I am looking for a team too if you are looking to start one. No doubt there will be loads of newbies starting soon.



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I have my first appointment tomorrow morning so will be starting on tuesday!! Hope i can do this xx


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thanks irene i have about 35=40lbs to lose so hope it wont take too long to shift it

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I recommend joining a team! You get great advice and motivation just by checking out the threads and joining in, but you get that extra kick up the bum when you are part of a team....:D


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Heyyy, Im on my second day-sorry if this annoys anyone but I'm finding it a breeze!!! No headaches,cravings,hunger etc....Do u guys think thats because I had a major blowout the day before I started??

I'll join a team please!!

Mel xxxx
I started today finding quite difficult as i dont like any of the soups or porridge dont mind the shakes though dont really feel hungry just wish i liked the soup any advice on what 2 do ??

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Hello everyone!

I started today and would love to join a team for extra support etc??? xx