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Hi new CDers

Hi everyone started again and on day 2, feeling positive.
Any advice on what threads to stay on and weekly challenges?
There are so many more threads then last time I was on here, I am all over the place xx

2014 has GOT to be the year for me.
I have spent the whole of my 20's being unhappy and very overweight I will not let this happen in my 30's #doingthisformybabies

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Another newbie here. I've been to see my CDC tonight so have all my products ready to start tomorrow. I'm a bit nervous, I've tried so many different diets but only ever lost weight on the old weight watchers for my wedding. Combination of poor eating and medication and I'm now obese.

My Dad was diagnosed spectacularly with diabetes earlier in the year when he almost died from ketoacidosis despite not knowing he had diabetes. My aunt has also been diagnosed and my grandparents both had it when they were alive (and they were both very fit and healthy eaters who were never overweight or sure much sugar). My GP says is a case of when I get diabetes not if bit I should do everything I can to lose weight which will help put it off.

So as well as feeling like a fat blob with a wardrobe full of beautiful clothes I can't wear I need to do this for my health too. So this time it has to work!

Just coming here for a bit of support when things get tough, probably tomorrow night when I am starving!
Welcome to this friendly forum. I've been here 4 weeks now and the people who post are very friendly and supportive. Which step are you doing?

Good luck x
Welcome to this friendly forum. I've been here 4 weeks now and the people who post are very friendly and supportive. Which step are you doing?

Good luck x
Hi pops I am doing step 2, I am on my second week.
How are you getting on? x

2014 has GOT to be the year for me.
I have spent the whole of my 20's being unhappy and very overweight I will not let this happen in my 30's #doingthisformybabies

Me to. I found the first week hard then it turnt in to routine!! I've been big all my life was fed up with surfing the net for clothes in stead of going shopping because nothing fitted me.

Keep going. It does get easier.

If you have receipes. Please do share!!

I'm doing ss/ss+ do hoping for some quick results to start with. I'm one of those people who gives up without seeing sine kind of change, so I'm doing weight as well as inches this time.

My biggest issues have been getting up late this week, because hubby is off work, and missing my first product, then not knowing whether to have it. Last night I didn't but then I ended up having a slab of chicken. Also failing to drink enough. I have water flavoring since I jusT won't drink water but still only having about what I need which I know will stop me losing. Gah!

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Keep at it FOX, I am 4 weeks down and into my 5th week. Now is when I am struggling which is so weird as I have been so strong untill now. :(

You will see results but you have to stick to it or it will not work!!! Trust me I have tried all the tricks :)

Im not sure how much you want to get rid ov but these forums realy help.

Keep going, and a little tip.... Irf you miss breakfast or a meal double up on the next one. Thats what I do xx
Hey Guys, I am on week 3 and I can't believe how well I'm doing. I'm really seeing a change as well. Lost over a stone in my first week and still going strong.
Thanks pops! On day 4 now! Doing well in the short term but the fort of doing this for 12 weeks is daunting! And even then I'm not gonna have lost the weight I need to loose! Lol how are you all getting on?
Just starting my 13th week. I did have a week off after I reached my 3 stone target as I went on holiday.

Once you get into routine it gets easier to stay away from the carbs.

Keep drinking water.

I have another 3/4 stone to go but enjoying being healthy, exercising and buying new clothes. People have only just noticed as I hid behind my 22/24 clothes. Feels good buying an 18 now :)

Shout if you want any support. I'm here


Trying to lose weight
Hi All,
I'm a newbie/restarter.

I did Cambridge about 6 years ago as after I had my daughter 8 years ago I put on so much weight. I was always slim when I was younger and when I look at the photos I think to myself "why did I let myself go". My own fault, just put chocolate and crisps near me and I would eat them instead of saying "no".

Anyway, I started on 23rd September 2014 and have so far lost 16lbs and went down a size in trousers so that's really spurred me on. I'd like to meet people in the same circumstances as me and to share thoughts on foods and recipes etc as although I'm doing really well with sticking to the plan, I'm getting fed up of the same stuff constantly.

I'm struggling also with my water intake (managing just enough by 11pm at night) although I'm up from early morning. Trying to ensure I drink what I need but it's sooooo hard.
Hi all!

Just started week 4 today. Had a fab first week, did not give in to temptation at all. Second week was also good but "only" lost 3lbs. Third week I cheated here and there and just wouldn't get my mind into it.. somehow I still lost 4lbs. This week if FOCUS, I have potentially 2 meals out, but I know what I must do with them and treat them as SS+ days with plain Chicken and Salad.

My first goal is going home at Christmas. I live nearly 300 miles away from my parents, and so the last time I saw them was in July. I can't wait to see the look on my mum's face when I turn up slimmer! I'd love to loose 54 lbs total by then, which would put me at my slimmest adult weight but we shall see. I've never wanted something this bad before!
Hi, I'm on week 1 day 4 and feeling really positive. The success stories have really helped so far, and I'm not even feeling hungry anymore. Just hope I've lost a good amount when it comes to weigh in!

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