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Have finally decided to convert from CD to SW. Even though I've had a fantastic loss with CD (2.2 stone), I've decided I need up my fitness levels and tone and to do this I need to eat so have decided to swap. My mum is going to go to the weekly meetings and do the diet with me as well so I have a buddy!!! We're also going to go swimming every week as well (I'll go to the gym 2-3 times a week on my own as well).

I've got IBS and since re-starting the diet in the new year have had really bad constapation and no amount of fibre powder is shifting it, it seems that whenever I eat I have a really good bowl movement so thats swayed my decision as well.

First meeting is on Tuesday, but I've downloaded their 7 day free trial menu so will follow that tomorrow.

If anyone knows of any codes or vouchers that will let me have either half price and free membership joining fee I'd be grateful (would save me £10 as well!).

So any tips, advice etc would be grateful!

One last questions, those on the diet what is your average weekly weight-loss?
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Hiya! I joined a class last Monday. I'm swapping from CD to SW too. I've lost 6st with first LT then CD, but I need real food with plenty of protein to get my body ready to deal with a hip replacement operation in March.
At last weeks class weightlosses varied from 1/2 a lb to 4 lb.. but a few put on weight (with monthlies I think?). I'm expecting to gain this week, as I've now dropped out of ketosis so that affects the water balance in the body. I'm changing over gradually, 2 CD meals with 1 SW meal and fruit of an evening (0-5 syns) this last week. This coming week I'll have 1 CD meal with 2 SW meals and fruit (0-5 syns again). Then from the 12th of Feb I'll do full on SW.
Already loving the evening meals I'm having, and started working out the SW counts for my home cooking recipes too.
p.s. and back to 'paying a visit' every other day... boy is that a relief to how it has been! I think the satsumas of an evening are helping there :D
Hope you enjoy cos I think it's great!!!


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Hiya chick,

Well done on your weight loss so far! Thats amazing!

Until June there's automatically half price membership, so your first week will cost £9.50. Also you can buy countdowns in class (which Is what I do). You can buy a 5 week one and get your 6th week free, or buy a 10 week one and get 2 free which I think is a good deal & keeps you at class most importantly!

My weight losses so far are in my siggy. :)

Good luck!