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Hi started the cambridge diet

Hi and welcome. Yes you are doing great on CD. You could start a thread in the CD section or even join a team for the CD Challenge

How much more do you want to lose?

Irene xx
Hi thanks for the quick reply, i want to loose 3 stone, even though the scales say i ave lost weight i dont feel like i have! i have cheateda little bit sneaked a bit of my sons chocolate etc and get mad at myself when i do that! i want to be slimmer for christmas! :help2:
G: 9st7lb
Hi and welcome to minimins.

Weight losses vary person to person and even week to week - most important thing on here is not to compare with anyone else as they might have much more to lose than you. At the rate of 1 stone in 3 weeks, you would easily hit your goal - or not be far off - by christmas.

I started W8 (another VLCD but with food) 10 weeks ago and have lost 31lbs. I set my initial target at losing 3 stones so will probably have done 35lbs or so by the end of my 12 week stint. Not bad going...

If you stick to plan as best you can - you will get good losses.

LRO xx
Hi everyone thanks for your responces so far..iknow i just got ditch the choccy! lol it was a small piece of dairy milk which is better than my usual whole bar!! its nice to have the support of others trying to loose weight!XX:)


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Hi and :welcome: to Minimins :)
Good luck on your weight loss journey x
Hiya.very please lost 4lbs this week! thats 12lbs in 2 weeks so happy with that! I actually like drinking all the water makes my mind and body feel healthy! yipeee happy.x
Hello, I just started on CD yesterday and am hoping to loose at least 3 stones I have a lot to loose.
Had headache this am and also packs really repeating on me is this usual?
Is it ok to take pain relief? Had to take something this am as my face was beginning to tingle.
I need as much support as anyone is willing to give.
Thanks x


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I'm pretty new to all this... congrats on your weight loss so far, amazing! I def need a diet that you feel good / healthy on... I'm doing slim fast and so far I just feel pretty crappy. Would you recommend the Cambridge Diet?
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Good luck on your CD journey Brooksy!

Heavenly72 - it's fine to take painkillers to get rid of any initial headaches ... and just make sure you drink loads of water too :)
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Hi Brooksy and everyone - I started on the SS Cambridge just over a week ago and I was dissappointed at my first weigh in - 4lbs lost, but hoping next week will be more positive :)
Vicsy - I think its a great diet go for it! It hasnt been as hard as i thought once you are into the routine, and having to drink loadsa water makes you feel lovely on the inside too :)
Good luck everyone xxx
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Hi brooksy!
I've just joined and have just started CD - finding it okay so far too! 8lbs is great - just think thats 8lbs gone forever!

heavenly - I had a tingly face too :p
Hello again everyone,
Thanks for all the replies. I am feeling better today, have had one pack and am planning to have another now and one before bed. My cdc did not weigh me when I picked up the packs on tues (so could start wed). I have not had a repeat of the headache thankfully.
I almost slipped today, I work in deli and I almost popped a tiny piece of cheese into my mouth, just goes to show how many calories I consume without even thinking about it. I spat it out straight away!!
I look forward to hearing from all of you again I look forward to getting to know you all over the coming weeks.
I was fine when I first started I did have a few headaches tho, they have settled down now tho.it is a great diet as it takes away the choice tus the temptation! its wierd cause I don't even feel that hungry either.

Vicsy.I did slimfast and I did loose a bit of weight but I only lasted around 2-3 weeks on it as and I was hungry most of the time, I would defo recommend CD I always used to think this type of diet was just talk about the rapid weight loss but it isn't! I have lost 12lbs in 2 1/2 weeks which is fantastic and I don't think even slim fast could beat that. CD is a bit on the pricey side but for me its worth every penny! let us know how you get on and good luck.
Nicegirl.........if you are anything like me you wanted a loss of a stone in the first week! lol but 4lbs is fantastic I only 5lbs my first week and felt a bit dissapointed but any loss is fab it weight off and not on! good luck.x
S: 11st12lb C: 11st7lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 26.8 Loss: 0st5lb(3.01%)
I am new here as well hoping to start the CD soon as I need to lose six stone.
Just reading bits on here ... i can't wait to start
Hi special K.
you should go for it, my pal is my inspiration she lost 3 stones in 8 weeks and looks fab.
I have 3 to loose now and 3 more after xmas, but just taking it one day at a time just now.
S: 11st12lb C: 11st7lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 26.8 Loss: 0st5lb(3.01%)
I haven't even started yet and I am already looking at new clothes!
I hope to start it sometime next week - just waiting for consultant to get in touch ( only emailed them yesterday)can't ring as I have lost my voice which is a pain in the bum!
I just want to get started and get the new me here:D