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Hi swapping from WW to low carbing and really need some help pls


Minimins gal x
Hi i have been doing WW the past 3 weeks and lost 14.5 lbs but being that i need to have 35 points:eek: a day i found that i was eating far 2 many carbs and i am a masive carb addict so that was not good for me.
I have POCS and have been told many times that i need to follow low carb as that peeps with POCS lose weight faster low carbing .

I have some other health issues and as u can imagine weighing 25.13 and my mobility is not 2 good but the past 5 days have been low carbing have found that i have more energy and less pains in my knees which is a massive bonus for me.
I am not a massive meat/fish eater and also am on a very restricted budget being that i am not able to work at the mo due to my obesity so i usually get very bored with my menus.
I am not able to eat big portions which is a joke really as i weigh 25.13 but the reason being is that i have an enlarged hiatus hernia and if i eat 2 much or a heavy meal i am sick many times.

I am desperate to lose weight at a faster pace and want to restrict my cals to the same as i would be on a vlcd so bout 550 cals and i am taking centrum multi vit so i am at least getting my vits and iron.

I really do need some help with some food ideas pls as my weight probs are so bad that i have not had a life for at least 3 yrs but merely existing every day.
Thanks and take care luv Roch xx
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This is really the time!

Well done on your fab weight loss so far.

Calorie restriction and low carb do not make good bed fellows.

Most low carb literature will tell you that cutting cals to such a degree puts you in starvation mode. Low carb has to be not low fat. Low cal has to be low fat. Low carb works by having no carbs to burn, your body turns to your fat stores. If you are cutting cals aswell (which means also good fats), your body has no choice but to start breaking down your lean muscle tissue. This is bad news. For your body functioning and your organs.

The only time people on low carb really start to maybe look at cals, is when they are near goal weight and they maybe have stalled.

So, I would suggest either low carb or low cal. By all means, take your cals into account if that makes you more comfortable. But make them at least over 1000.

I am always around the forum, lurking lol...So, if you ever need to chat, just holla.

Take a look at the what people have eaten today thread in here to get an idea what most people eat on low carb.

Good luck :) xxx


Silver Member
Atkins is a relatively easy diet to stick too. I find it much easier than ww & sw & the like, as the carbs are non existent so you find yourself alot less hungry. This will help with the not being able to eat a large meal, as Atkins/low carb is said to work better if you eat little & often.
It is very easy to eat the same things, but you may find this makes you bored with it & more likely to reach for the biscuit tin in a moment of madness!

What you MUSN'T do though is try & do this on a low cal basis.... Firstly it will be near on impossible, secondly you will find your body goes into starvation therefore holding onto any fat for dear life & to preserve for energy, thirdly you won't feel so great!
This diet works on ketosis, so when your body gets rid of all the carbs/sugars it has stored (usually take 3-4 days) it will start using your fat stores for energy, therefore making you lose weight......
It is a great diet & there are lots of good recipes all over the internet & on this site too....

Good luck. xx
Hi Rochs and welcome to low carb living. :)

Sophs, are you really 6' 2" ? :O


This is really the time!
I am around 6 ft 2.5 really lol...

Very tall chick me lol
LOL, and Inch and a half taller than me. :D


This is really the time!
If I get to what I think is around my goal weight, I should be pretty damn slim then!!lol

I saw on another foruum yesterday, that on low carb, you look slimmer at a higher weight than you than you do at a low fat diet. What do you think O Wise One?lol

I have already started losing some inches. It's amazing! (not from my height lol)
I saw on another foruum yesterday, that on low carb, you look slimmer at a higher weight than you than you do at a low fat diet. What do you think O Wise One
No idea love, I can't see why that would be.

Nice to lose inches isn't it love, well from the right places anyway. ;)


This is really the time!
lol....yeah, there are some places it needs to stay for sure lol


This is really the time!
p.s they said it is because you lose more actual body fat on low carb...and get more muscle tone. One woman put a pic up where she looked much slimmer 30lbs heavier on a low card diet. Quite interesting :)
ah, that's interesting love. Well Atkins was/is good for me anyway.


This is really the time!
I can tell. You are an inspiration!
I know. :D


Well I did lose 12 stone and I'm pleased with that love.


This is really the time!
That is just beyond comprehension. I used to be 22st 12lb. So, if I ever got to what I am told is my ideal weight, 12st 8lb (which is lower than my goal weight lol) I would be 10 st lighter....Some how, it seems impossible. Until I see people like you that is!
It was a long journey Sophs, but I liked Atkins I just stuck to KISS and it worked for me.


This is really the time!
What is KISS?lol
Keep It Simple Stupid

It's an Army term Sophs. :D


This is really the time!
Just saw your response! I like it lol
It pays off in the end Sophs.

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