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hi there

S: 14st0lb C: 13st3lb G: 8st11lb BMI: 33.8 Loss: 0st11lb(5.61%)
Hi Sam and welcome to the site. I am only a week into my weight loss and the first week is the hardest. I found by reading some of threads on here about other members weight loss inspired me to keep going. Also i got a glass of water everytime i wanted to give in and i found i got through the week. Try to stay with it and think of the weight loss.
Best of luck


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S: 13st2lb C: 12st10lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 32.6 Loss: 0st6lb(3.26%)
Keep going and drink the water it does get easier i promise lol

im on day 4 and each day i find it gets easier. Whenever i feel like eating i log on here and read all the success stories, it passes sometime and by the time i have finished reading my craving has gone. I took along time to decide whether this diet was right for me....here i am 4 days in and am 100%. I am taking comfort in the fact that this could change me life forever, i want my confidence back!

Try and drink plenty of water, i know its hard but i feel it does help with the amount of weight you lose.

We are all here for the same reason and will give you support right from the start of your journey. It won't be easy but i just keep picturing myself being able to run with my children again and also shop at all the fashionable shops that flood the high street!

Good luck hun and welcome. x

S: 20st7lb G: 14st0lb
thanks ann, will give that a go. usually will power is not an issue for me but this is something else lol. the only thing keeping me going at the moment is the reason why im doing it. have 5 weeks to fit into a dress for my best friends wedding and i am determind to do it........ hopefully.
S: 20st7lb G: 14st0lb
ah thank you sarah thats really nice to hear, im wanting to do those things also as my son is 3 and has enough energy for 10 of me so its a struggle running around with him but im sure i will get there xx
I have realised that i am not hungry and alot of the time boredom has made me eat!

its great to check in on here and see how others are doing.

Keep in touch and we can lose weight together lol


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Hey Sam,

First of all welcome to minimins and to LT!

The first few days are the hardest. I actually cried in bed at night my first few days. Keep sipping the water hun it really helps. I also find a coffee is great as it warms your stomach and eases the hunger pangs.

Try to distract yourself when you feel hungry. Take a bath, paint your nails, even look up clothes on websites that you want to wear when you lose the weight. Anything really to distract you. Pop on here and read everyones stories. Reading about how others have lost weight really inspired me to keep going.

Best of luck with it chic and I promise it gets easier!!!!!!

Niamh xxx
S: 20st7lb G: 14st0lb
yeah im the same, i bearly eat anything during the day coz im on the go but as soon as im sat down of a night i start eating, not good!!

im definatly going to keep looking on here though, i didn't even know they did sites like this, its amazing.

having my first weigh in on friday and im quite interested to see the results, its strange, i've only been doing this 2 days but i feel better already :)
S: 20st7lb G: 14st0lb
thanks niamh, im loving this site already, everyone is soooo supportive which is deffo what i need!! im going to take your advice and look online for some nice new clothes to wear when im slim :) xxx


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Oh another good idea is to put up some mini goals. It feels so good when you reach one. Even if you dont want to put them up here, write them down and stick it on the fridge.

Have you much to lose sweetie? You dont have to answer if you dont want.

Niamh xxx
S: 20st7lb G: 14st0lb
i am aiming for about a stone and a half in 6 weeks!!! im maid of honour at my best friends wedding and have put on that much weight since my own wedding in april that the bridesmaid dress doesn't fit so at the moment that is my goal after that im hoping to lose about another 5- 6 stone xxx


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S: 12st2lb C: 10st9lb G: 8st4lb Loss: 1st7lb(12.35%)
Hi all!
I am just finishing day 3 and not caved yet although the thought of cheese for some odd reason is driving me border line nutz! Sometimes in a day all i can think of is food - food i didnt even eat before this diet! Chinese, pizza, cheese loaded pasta....right ya get the idea n its makin me drool over the keyboard n its not a good look! I mean really does that get better? Read in some threads it gets worse days 5-7!! I am a vegetarian n my dogs dinner is startin to look like its in risk of bein swiped!!!! I am drinkin 2litres a day just - maybe its not enough? Pls let me know!!
Also was wondering how many cals are in the shakes. i got mine from pharmacy but no nutritional info at all :(
We're all here to shed the lard n get ourselves not just healthy but happy, sexy n confident again. I'm really impressed n madeup with how everyone seems to spur each other on n be there for each other. Genuinely made me feel i'm not alone and more importantly that WE CAN DO THIS GIRLS! (and fellas!)
I'm sure everyone has their reasons for their weighloss, a special occasion, to get themselves back to their former shape, or to permenantly improve once n for all. I totally get it n anyone wantin some moral support give me a shout. I used to be a size 8, model, fit as a fiddle - 3hrs a day in gym bunny. (didnt appreciate it n was probably quite snotty with others to be very honest), i'm now 12stone (n 2 llbs)-i was about 8st but very toned before, not a cow on the inside but my features are risking me modelling for Cravendale forever moooo-re! (gotta laugh or i'd cry ok!). I was fedup with lookin in the mirror n seein THAT, avoiding seeing my friends who i havent seen for a while cos i was worried they'd be shocked n sickened by my weight gain (yep probably not even mates at all). And piled on more weight hiding indoors and at the time my boyf was in afghan n the worry piled it on more. We split up just before he came home for good n its been a spiral even more. And I refuse to let ANY man get me down, so its time to grab control n get this size 8 figure back n better than before!! Get modelling again n i also am going to join the t.a. when i'm 10st or less, so i need to be literally fighting fit!!
Enough of my rambles!!! sorry guys! I am just chuffed to have found this site n hope i can regain my former self n better it even. I'm guessing its approx a stone a month you should lose?
good luck to all xxx

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