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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by queeniejelly, 23 June 2014 Social URL.

  1. queeniejelly

    queeniejelly New Member

    Hi All, I am new to this and thought it would be an idea to sign up to get myself motivated.

    How to explain me.. I'm 27 and am really not happy with my weight.

    I have been trying to diet but I am struggling to stick to this even though I have a goal to reach before my holiday in September (not my overall goal I might add).

    Does anyone have any hints or tips on how to stay motivated?

    I am pretty disgusted with myself for letting it get this far in terms of size and weight and I need someone to kick me up the bottom!
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  3. nikkib77

    nikkib77 Member

    Hey I'm new too!!! I have about 5 stone to loose!! I'm sure we will succeed :) positive thinking!

    Good luck on your journey!! :)
  4. Catbus

    Catbus Member

    Hi. Another newbie I want to lose 11 stone though so it's a big journey. Starting the cambridge plan tomorrow so it looks like water is my new best friend.

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  5. queeniejelly

    queeniejelly New Member

    Good luck to you too :) I have about the same amount to lose in total - 5 or 6 stone! I've decided to set myself interim targets though to try to make it easier... my first target is 245lbs

  6. Gamy

    Gamy Full Member

    My best motivator for me is doing exercise in the morning. First thing before I have breakfast. My brain thinks well I've done all that hard work I don't want to ruin it. Good luck on your journey :)
  7. nikkib77

    nikkib77 Member

    That's a great idea gammy ! I'm rubbish at getting up in the morning tho lol! I will have to force myself up an extra hour early!! :-/ what exercise do u do?
  8. patriciasmith

    patriciasmith Member

    Hey friends.. I am Patricia,Nutrition Consultant by profession from Richmond..I am food blogger too...Just love to write on health and fitness...Eager to hear from you guys..would love to share my thoughts and opinion with you....!!! :) :) :) :)

  9. nikkib77

    nikkib77 Member

    Hi Patricia!
    Lovely to hear from you! I need all the advise I can get lol!!
  10. queeniejelly

    queeniejelly New Member

    That is a fantastic idea... I have been trying to do Tabata in the evenings but in the morning would be fab :) just before I get in the shower :)

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