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Hi to All from a Slimming World Newbie

Hi Everyone
I joined Minimins yesterday and am slowly getting to grips with how the site works, I have read many of the user guides and FAQ's which have proved very helpful.
I have been battling with my weight since I was a teenager which has been very hard for me and since having my beautiful Daughter (who I am very lucky to have) my weight has ballooned to it's worst. I have tried many different diets and the good old fashioned healthy balanced diet along with exercise but it's the same story every time.....I lose some weight then it comes to a stand still and then it piles back on :break_diet:
I have had some other problems along the way and in late 2009 I was diagonsed with PCOS (which had been overlooked in previous scans!!). I was told by my consultant to go away and lose weight and my symptoms would ease!!.....Ha like I haven't tried that before!!! Eventually I saw a very nice Endocrinologist who explained that the condition was controlling my weight and not the other way around which was a relief but sadly since then I have had no further help :grumble:.
So I have decided to give Slimming World a go :D
I began my Slimming World weight loss journey just over 3 weeks ago (using Minimins as a reference along with a SW Free Foods cookbook) and in 3 weeks I have lost 9lbs :happy036:and on Monday I bit the bullet and joined my local SW group!! I have not set myself a massive target as I don't want to set myself up for another huge disappointment and I would like to see how things go - I can always set another target at a later date. So I am hoping with the support of SW group and some lovely Minimins members I can do it this time!! Fingers crossed :talk017:
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hiya im a fairly new person to SW too, joined end of jan, i was diagnosed with PCOS 18 months ago and my doc told me i would be lucky to lose a couple of kgs at the most! good luck with SW i've found it quite easy so far :)

Tanya x
hi to both of u and welcome to s/w and minimins you will get loads of support and advice here if u need it good luck losing the lbs :)
Thank you all for you kind welcome. It's reasuring to know there are others out there with the same battle.
LBgirl.....Good luck with Slimming world, keep me informed if you can on how it's going for you and if you weight loss helps any of your symptoms.

My first official weigh in at group tonight so am feeling a little nervous. I won't be staying for the meeting tonight as typically I became unwell with Cystitis/UTI (awaiting results as to which) on Saturday and am feeling a bit rubbish. Have taken a course of Oasis, which I'm hoping hasn't messed up my weight loss and have now got antibiotics. I think despite feeling ill and lazy I stayed on track (although I wanted nothing more than the biggest choccie bar on Saturday) so hopefully tonight. I am not expecting a huge loss as typically seen at group with 1st WI as I had that in my 1st week weighing myself at home before I joined group. Well Fingers crossed. xx
Well I went to me first group WI and i've lost 6lbs!! Couldn't believe it.....I think there scales must be faulty.
:happy096: well done that is a brilliant loss hopefully it will spur you on xx
Thank you Valerie.....it definitely has. xx

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