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Hi to everyone

Hi there.

Just dropping by to say hi to everyone. I started Cd on Tuesday this week and have 4.5 st to lose. Really committed as i have a special reason/s to lose the weight.

CD is really working, Day 5 no cheats and 12lbs down already!

I worry about xmas as i will come off it for 3 days but will not be going mad!:eek::eek:

Take Care everyone
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Hiya Simon well done on getting to day 5 without any cheats, how are you feeling now has the hunger subsided? Bet you're very excited to getting weighed this week. If i were you i wouldnt completely come off the diet for 3days avoid the potatoes and anything carby to do the least damage, you can still have a great meal without piling your plate with high kcal high carb foods which will only cause you to feel lethargic and grumpy for the next week and believe me they do. I'm on the 1200 plan and for the last 2 weeks the diet's gone completely out the window ive had potatoes bread chocolate and crisps til i felt sick and this is my 1st proper day without them and i feel like **** i've got a headache i feel hungover and shaky and i never felt like that when i was eating my low carb plan so enjoy christmas but dont jump to far off those rails xx
Thanks for responding.

ninababes, i was thinking of that so thanks for the advice and there is no way that i am going to go off the rails. x

soontobegorgeous, thanks - do you mean i should try and eat something sensible before christmas. Do you think that to go from SS to a sensible xmas dinner might cause a reaction!! x
i think seeing as theres only 9days til xmas that it'd be difficult to move up the plans i may be wrong but if i was SSing i'd much rather do 2 days of eating low carb then go back to SS but seeing as im not allowed to do it i dont know if that's the best way. Just enjoy yourself and be careful and make some sensible choices


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well done simon on the loss so far

a brave guy starting so close to xmas - however it could be a wasted opportunity if you do eat 'normally' - I can put 12lbs on in a week eating normally - even now!

All it is, is the restoration of the carbs best friend glycogen and the associated water and you have to go through getting into SS again afterwards

stick to meats(protein) and veg - avoid the tatties and stuffing - no fun, but I know some on this site who went through xmas at the beginning of their challenge and for those who stayed strong it was almost like a catapult and massive boost to their confidence in succeeding and became big successes.

This is my first 'thin' xmas and i aim to not put a pound on (i've undone the gain of the last 2 weeks by SSing) as the effort of pulling it back (even now) is a pain.

Have strength and it will be soon through and into the new year



Good luck with your journey Simon - I wasn't strong enough to start before Xmas so I look forward to joining you on the 2nd. Vx
good luck Simon and well done on the 12lb loss already. I agree with the others that you should try to low carb on xmas day and then straight back on the wagon to avoid the nightmare of getting back into ketosis.

Good on you for starting so close to christmas. Shows how commited you are. You'll have that 4.5 stone off by easter!!


Fed up of being fat
Hi Simon and welcome, well done on your loss so far.

You will have that 4.5st on off in no time!

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