Hi to WEmitts, I'm trying to find you.


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Hello Ladies

Hope you are doing well. I have to say I am finding it hard at the moment to get into sole-sourcing for the last stone. I've just started with a head-cold and when my husband said I should eat something I didn't need persuading.

I'm on CD and I really love the milkshakes. I feel a bit pathetic really, only a stone to go and I'm groaning, but I have got a rotten cold.

I'm on my son's laptop as the pc has broken down, but I will try and persuade him to let me on again soon and hopefully this message will have found you and please give me some encouragement.

I'm really hoping to meet you all in March with my CDC.

Would it be o.k. if I send you all a personal message to say Hi and get to know you all a little better?

Wishing all WEmitts the very best. You're lovely.

Marylyn xxx
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Hi Marylyn, You have done well so far and to only have 1 stone left to lose must be a good feeling, Im pretty new on my weight loss journey. Its always hard when your not feeling well, put your little blip behind you get yourself a hot water bottle and sit and relax.
Good luck


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hi marylyn, i had a sinus infection over xmas and couldnt taste a thing so didnt see the point in eating, its the only time ive stuck to cd 100% and i lost 6lbs! im now back on track (finally!) so why not use your ill time to really get on with ss while youre not tasting, youve not long to go now, keep up the good work! take care and good luck xx


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Hi Marylyn
sorry to hear you're not feeling too good, but next time your hubby (who i'm sure thinks he is helping) suggests food, think nice warm bath, maybe radox or such like to warm you up & make you feel better.
well done on the weight loss & with only 1 more stone to go it would be such a shame to let a cold get in your way.
feel free to pm me if you like & welcome (back) to the WeMITTS xx:)


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Thanks Sonia and Cheryl

I should really use this time to sole-source and get into ketosis, especially as I had to spend the day in bed today.

My husband and son are saying I should really come and watch a James Bond film with them and stop "talking" on Minimins as they have not seen anything of me today, so I'd best go.

Many many thanks for the encouragement.

Love M


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Sonkie Lizzie Pandora

Many thanks for your comments Sonia, Lizzie and Cheryl

I did not mean that unhappy face to be there it was meant to be a wink, but I can't get rid of it now.

This is what I have done today. I decided it makes sense to just drink my shakes as my throat is so sore and I will try to get back to sole sourcing.

Well I have been ravenous since 8 a.m. and I have had 5 CD shakes already. 675 cals I think.

So, I think I will have the shakes on demand, like a baby. The cheek of it, when I told all of you's in a post to be brave and to drink water when you felt you wanted more.

I have since amended that to say you can have another shake if you really must.

Still, getting back to me, I am totally pampering myself with walnut & toffee and banana doubler, a butterscotch followed 2 hours later by a banana on its own.

The strategy here ladies, is an idea I got from Sassie and her advice on getting into ketosis. She advises building down from 1500 cals to the desired level by eating etc.

Well as I love the milkshakes I'm going to have a 1000 cals worth today and have one less tomorrow and so on because it has been really hard for me to get into ketosis.

I hope all is well for you Sonkie and the trouble you had recently with your brother.

I would appreciate your comments, whether you agree with me or not and I will let you all know how I am getting on, as long as I have my son's pc anyway. I don't know how long it will take to fix the main computer. The hard drive has gone kaput on it.

Regards to all
M xxx


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hope u r feeling better soon. getting into ketosis is a nightmare but once u r u ought to feel much better. u can always pm me :D we all need to get eachother thru, no matter how much or little we need to lose.