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hi would appreciate some advice

Hello i am new here and would love some advice on what to do, hope this isnt too long a post but here i go.

I started doing Cd about 5 weeks ago, went well cos i had done it b4, but after a week the shakes were making me puke regardless of how i made them or what they were, so i started havign a chicken salad at lunch to steady my stomach, which has been working well, but i as i got into ketosis properly i just didnt want to eat anything, i managed to eat the salad at lunch and as the shaked made me ill i started doing a mini salad on a saucer size plate at tea time and one maybe two hartleys 10cal jellies a day, and nothing else, except for gallons of water, i have been doing this for about 3 weeks now, and i know its not healthy for me, and i need to do somethign else, but cd doesnt seem the way to go, so the low carb route appeals as im hoping to stay in ketosis but be able to eat more healthily,

So how do i go about this now, as it stands im just eating chicken salad twice a day sometimes once, and a few of these jellies, how do i cross over to low carb without putting pounds back on, ? what food do i start eating, in what quantity, is there somethign i can read up on this and what do i need to get from the supermarket today to eat as i need to change soon, im washed out and feeling crappy yes i know its my own fault lol but i need to make a change but not sure how to start and i have lost 20lb in 4 weeks so dont want to gain any of that back,
thanks for reading and hopefully somebody will be able to advise me,
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Hello there,
Congratulations on becoming a member, you sound pretty confused on fed up so first I want to say a big well done on losing your first 20lbs on CD. I too done CD and lost weight but the social strai and the not eating anything at all just led to me binging and putting a stone back on. Anyway this isn't about me. Its about you.
First things first - Buy a Book. There are lots of low carb diet books out there from ATkins and South Beach to Neris and Indias Idiot Proof Diet (the latter which i am currently following). Each of the diets has its own rules but they are pretty much all the same.
The basics I find that I eat are meat, poultry, fish, cheese, green leafy veg, salads, eggs but there is a list on here somewhere. I'll just have a look. Here it is
As for quantities, I advise you just do it sensible. I watch the cheese though as its easy to eat loads of that. Stick to a piece no bigger than a matchbox. Have a look through the forum for more advice. Jim is the fountain of knowledge when it comes to low carbing, look at his before and after pics.
Anyway, if you need to know anymore just post it on here and i am sure someone will be along to help you in no time. But really get online and order a book.
Peachy has said it all really,

I think you need to change your diet it doesn't look at all healthy to me. That's 20 carbs just from those little jellies!
Oh and go and look at the recipe thread and see all the delicious things you can eat.



Happy to be slim at last
I'd echo what Peachy has said. It's very good advice.

Welcome to the Low Carb and Atkins boards. You will love doing low carb and I would urge you to start today. As Jim says, there are some great recipes.

Whilst waiting for a book to come, have a look on the Atkins website. It has great info on there and tells you the basics of low carbing and there is some great recipes on there also.

The other thing I would say to you is go and get some multi vitamins TODAY. What you are eating will be leaving your body very short of the basic things it needs. Having low cals on CD is ok as the packs have all the vitamins and nutrients, but your chicken salad won't be providing you with the RDA that you need to keep everything running properly.

You have found a great group here who will all help and support you now though, so good luck with your journey.
Your post could have been written by me. I joined here yesterday after 3 months and almost 3 stones on CD
Please keep posting as im reading the posts several times a day as im still learning myself
lol jim, thank goodness those jellies are my little lifesavers, hi joshuasmummy,

you know i feel so much better since i wrote that post, i had been so depressed and wanting to change how i was eating and was just surviving every day with no energy or anything, after i read these posts i made myself a low carb omelette and it was like manna from heaven lol,


Happy to be slim at last
I am pleased to hear that the omlette hit the mark! You body will be doing somersaults (sp?) inside. ;)

As inspiration for both of you newbies, check out the latest posts by Bigbum 09 on this thread http://www.minimins.com/atkins-diet/75292-what-we-eating-today.html. She is doing a low carb diet and has just lost her first stone in a month! BB's diet is a prepared one, but if you can be disciplined then you can make similar food for yourself and hopefully enjoy these kind of losses. BB09 is happier having meals prepared for her and it's all about what works for each person.



Happy to be slim at last
You will be knocking up allsorts before you know it. I have got really creative and the recipes thread on the Atkins board is fab.
See if you can get the original '72 version of Atkins, it's by far the best.


Happy to be slim at last
See if you can get the original '72 version of Atkins, it's by far the best.
Why is that the best version Jim? Has it changed a lot since then?
The first one was all about diet and health, the subsequent ones were more (in my opinion) more commercial and were all about promoting Atkins products.

I saw a '72 Atkins for sale on Amazon a while back.
well today has been fab, im feeling much better already, i had two eggs scrambled a slice of grilled bacon and a grilled tomato for brekkie, a chicken salad for lunch and one of them mattesons hot dog sausages 0.1g carbs each with some mashed cauli and a tomato for tea, and im just so stuffed lol why the hell didnt i do this before,

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