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Hello, short and sweet - but hi anyway !!

Getting Slimmer

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Just wanted to say hi and welcome to the site.

Lynn x


I will be skinny again!!!
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Hello and welcome!!


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Hiya and welcome from me too - enjoy your journey on this madcap Lipotrim train :D :D


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Welcome to LT, hope you're having a good day!


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Thanks you everyone its been 4 weeks ..but after 3 days my daughter got took into hospital and was in for 2 weeks so havent had the will power or strengh to do anything but 2 days i went back to shake i was 12st 7 pounds and i weighted myself today and im 12st 2 :)
so excited to be back on track..and thank you for the warm welcome ..ive been at slimming world from feb last year till the november and went from 14st 1pd to 12st so i only put 7pds on since then but i really want a goal of 10st so got a bit to go yet , really was hungry yesterday i hope the hunger settles soon. at the chemist tomorrow for shakes again as only got todays left..
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must lose twinny belly :)
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Hi And welcome :)
hope you lil girl is much better now x


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Hello and well done for losing 5 lbs. Its a great boost isnt it!


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wow there is me who talks too much and then there is you who says hi. lol ..
Welcome and have fun xx


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hope ticker works again lol
lost 10 pounds 2nd weigh in so pleased with myself and daughter is great now ty...