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This is my first time using a forum group like this. I tried the LL group counselling and it wasn’t for me, hopefully this will be different
I have decided to try loose some weight I have put on since leaving the Army.
I have tried different diets before but always put the weight back on. I have gained 50kgs in 4 years
I am now on my second try of a VLCD.
My first attempt was on LL i done the first week bought the packs for the second week and then quit I had a lot going on and in the wrong frame of mind for starting it. I have now started again but using up my LL packs then moving onto beyu.
Any pointers would be appreciated? Is there anyone else on beyu?
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I am not on beyu, but my dad has also had issues with gaining and losing and gaining again since he retired from the army. He understands!

Welcome to minimins. Good luck with your weightloss; I understand about having to be in the right time and place in your live to have real motivation to lose weight. You will find a lot of support here! :wavey:
Hi Steve see you used to be in the Army im in the Navy wahay we have something in common other than gut busting! Im starting the Exante diet guessing its the same sort of thing shakes soups shed loads of water! I hope your successful this time round I have a good feeling about 2011 ;)

Thanks for the comments
missfortissimo I think with being in the Army you are always eating loads and physically training a lot. In my case I left the army and got a job offshore sitting at a desk all day eating the same as I did in the Army.
NearlyYummyMummy Its good to have a chance to speak to somebody else in the forces. I was based at HMS Drake in 2007 attached to derriford A&E. I looked at exante there was so many VLCDs its hard to choose. Is this the first time you have done a VLCD? Let me know how you are getting on
But good luck to you both on losing weight.

Hms Drake is my base port at the moment while im on maternity leave! Usualy i would be on one ofthe ships there though my last one was HMS Ocean. So I take it you were a medic or something along them lines? Im a communicator.
Im doing the total soloution so a shake, soup and bar a dar and lots of water, I was going to do either the cambridge diet or lipo trim but ts under medical supervision and you have to pick the meals up which isnt practical for me. Have you started yours already? If so how are you feeling?
Hi Yes I was a medic. When I first got told I would be staying at HMS Drake I thought it was a ship I never realised that Navy bases were called HMS.
I started Lighter life on Thursday and I am moving onto beyu today. I felt hungry for the first 2 days but then it got better. Yesterday was my worst day I was feeling sick at the thought of another soup or shake but carried on and was ok today.
I found a big problem was drinking water so I make my self drink 1L 3 times a day so I get what is needed I just imaging I am downing a pint.
I have a mental battle to keep to it. It is hard but I am sure the benefits will be seen. I weighed myself today and lost 5kg since the start it’s mostly water but it gave me a boost to carry on.
Yeah there all HMS, ive started the exante today ive been drinking glass after glass of water was trying to think of an easy way to keep track yours is a great idea im gonna nick it LOL. Well done on the weight loss what an incentive! Keep it going :)