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Hello my names chrissy
i started slimming world last year and did it for abot 8 months and lost 2 stone or so .. i stopped going to groups due to money issues and then stopped following the plan and have put on pretty much all the weight i had lost
i want to join again but i still have a few issues with money so im hoping to do it alone for abit then go back to groups once money has sorted its self out
i do by ALOT of take aways so thats obviously another reason for no money and i do struggle with making new meals and staying on track
i have 2 children who are also really fussy so its trying to get them to eat stuff that i make cus i hate wasting food and money

ive joined this website for abit of help and support and some easy cheap recipe ideas to try.

i want to lose the weight its getting the motivation and sticking to it , not buying the take aways not eating all the chocolate ect
just so hard sometimes!

anyway i have rambled a little but thanks for reading :)
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Hello and welcome. Its a really friendly forum and people will always help out with recipe ideas. Subscribe to the 'whats for dinner' thread and there are tons of ideas in there. Plus for 'fussy' kids there will still be things you can make - SW burgers and chips, SW fish and chips (what kids wont eat chips!!!!) lol


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What about chicken nuggets which most kids will eat either use chicken breast uncooked frozen in Asda quite cheap or even cooked frozen chicken breast bits £2 for a bag and really quick
Defrost in micro then I tend to rinse in a sieve under cold water then pat dry with kitchen paper then beat an egg dip then in another bowl place some dry mash ( which you can season to your taste salt pepper some Cajun pdr maybe?) then dip egg covered chicken in the pdr to coat like breadcrumbs then place on FRYLIGHTED tray and place in oven till brown turning them half way ( if uncooked chicken then oviously until chicken is well cooked!)
Hope that's an idea for kids and your purse and SW Chips !