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Hi there

I posted last night, feeling a bit upset and moany, lol. but i'm feeling better today, thanks to the kind words and advice from some of you guys.

i want to lose weight, to make myself feel better and to look better etc....

here's to losing some weight, if not all of it over the next few months.

good luck with it everyone!

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Feeling good today, lost 2lbs since yesterday, didn't even feel that hungry to be honest, just stopped my snacks like i know i should have done before, and measuring how much i eat.

you loose a lot at the start then it slows right down, but at least i lost something.

Hi Mindy *waves* - keep up the good work, you know it will be worth it!!
Stick with it Mindy. Just under 5 weeks ago the doc said I needed to lose 7 stones. I could hardly believe it but I actually weighed 17 stones!!! Undaunted I bought a set of scales and a notebook and vowed to change my ways. I have never eaten junk and always eats loads of fruit and veg etc. but I DO know that I have trouble with portion sizes. I still eat the same foods as before, but just less of one thing and more of another, so to speak. Typically a day's food is this. Breakfast: 2 Shredded Wheat with Choc Soya Milk (delic!!). Lunch at work: Tesco Healthy Veg Cupasoup, large homemade fruit salad in apple juice, 2 x Ryvita Muesli crispbreads. Dinner: Homemade Quorn Sweet n Sour (ALL store cupboard ingredients, healthy and quick), a fist sized amount of Tesco quick cook brown rice and a large heap of (frozen) mixed veg, with a blackcurrant sugar free jelly + frozen raspberries or a yogurt or a couple of good quality chocolates for dessert. Straight after eating that lot we take Diesel, our Black Lab, for a brisk walk around our village for an hour. After doing this for a month I have lost over a stone and look forward to losing the next one. A balance of good healthy food in the right proportions (fist sized carb / weetabix sized protein / unlimited veg) and exercise that I enjoy is working well for me. And on Fri / Sat nights I am drinking wine as though it has gone out of fashion!! Think positive, look forward to mealtimes, drink loads of water and chew, chew, chew – if you can prepare and cook it yourself, all the better. You'll lose it in no time at all.