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  1. Ellen.S

    Ellen.S Full Member

    Well here I am for probably about the 8th time restarting slimming world,

    I go on hol in 7 weeks and want to loose weight for holiday, I was on a diet given to me by a personal trainer at the gym but sadly I had to give that up due to money but also the diet was very restrictive, :0(

    I'm doing this alone from home this time around can any one offer an advice please?
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  3. Jo-Lou

    Jo-Lou Full Member

    Hey there :)
    first of all welcome back! :) as for any advice i think all i can share with you is what you may already know, ive found on my journey losing weight drinking plenty of water is a must or pop some sugar free squash in there plenty of veg with every meal if poss dont eat to much dairy i gave up bread altogether i found it easier what ive also found is not to go overboard on fruit yes by all means eat it but with me personally i started eating lots and lots and i actually gained a little weight with the natural sugars and if you eat fruit dont cook it or its syns ive found breakfast is a must even if its only two weetabix and a banana it really does help.

    Good luck with your weight loss and i hope you have a fab holiday
  4. Ellen.S

    Ellen.S Full Member

    Thank you,

    I love my veg so will certainly be kicking up the portions of that,

    My main struggle is carbs, I love pasta, jackets potatoes, sweet potatoes, and on the odd occasion bread, my personal trainer made me cut out the lot except sweet potatoes. Don't get me wrong it did work but I felt far to restricted on what I could n couldn't eat, so found myself cheating most days after I got bored,

    With slimming world I love the verity that's why I keep coming back hehe

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