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hi i am sarah 28 and weigh 15 stone or did i hope i started lipo trim three days ago i don,t feel to bad but i am only on day three i was wondering for those of you who have been on for a few weeks if you know around when you stars feeling like cr*p as i feel a bit shaky and feel hungry when i cook the kids tea aside from that not to bad its just i do not know how bad it gets and would like a heads up lol kind regards sarah :)
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Welcome aboard Sarah :) You're halfway through the hard stuff - keep with it :)

I'm on day 11 & feel great :) Bags of energy, no hunger pangs & my clothes feel much much looser :D I'm using a belt notch that I've not used in yonks :D

Life's great - life's Lipo :D


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Hey Sarah trust me it does get better. Im on week 7 and I found the first 2 weeks a bit hairy but once you get into a routine you will be fine! The dizziness and hunger pangs will soon pass.. just keep drinking water!

Keep us posted on how you get on and best of luck xxx
hi sarah, welcome to the boards, and well done on starting your diet. Im into my third week and my mate started a week before me. She didnt have any sypmtons at all, no headaches, tiredness nothing yet i had them all only for the first week though. The headaches i think are part of the detox stage, your bodies flushing out all the toxins and the tiredness, your body is working harder to adapt to the diet and detoxing so it has to reserve energy else where hence the tiredness so in all it means the diet is working if you suffer these things but its different for everyone, some suffer, some dont. At the moment i do suffer from hunger pangs practically all the time but water helps a little as it did in the first week, it seems to quicken the process so helps, i also have bouts of tiredness still now i think im on my own with this as most ive heard only suffer this in the first week but any symptons you do get, mean its working so when im hungry i know the pounds are coming off. The end result is the weight loss so symptons or not, you know your doing it rite. On the plus side ive never felt so detoxed in my life knowing ive only got good stuff in me, its an amazing hit and when you reach the first weigh in youl be amazed at the loss, so welcome to the mad house, use the site as a life line, i do!!! and keep us informed on how u get on. xxx


on the up lol
Welcome sarah, 14 days for me now , first week i felt like crap even harder doing kids dinner to (FOOD) lol, It will get better,:party0011:
Plenty of water and u be fine, Good luck ;)
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Hey Sarah,

I am on my third day and not finding it too bad. I haven't really suffered from any headaches and am not that hungry. Although last night even though I wasn't hungry I WANTED food. Just wanted something to eat, but I had the soup with tonnes of chilli powder in it and I was fine after that.

I think it is different for everyone and you may just find this easier than some. I know I am absolutely freezing but as this is only my third day I doubt I am in Ketosis, think it is probably in my head. Or more likely I have ice running through my veins as my other half says :D