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My name's Kaitlyn. I have decided now is the right time to lose weight. I am coming to the end of a nursing degree and am due to qulaify in September :). Like most of the people on my course, the weight has piled on in the last three years. I have half heartedly decided to lose weight since starting uni and the occy health nurse saying I was overweight (which I already knew, but, as I haven't been to the GP for 10 years, no one had ever told me before). Now, though, other than finishing university, I am also going into uniform with Air Cadets and don't want to have a big uniform.
I started trying to lose weight this time in early-mid July, weighing 20 stone. By the end of July, I weighed 19 stone 10, and now I'm 19 stone 6 (after an unhealthy breakfast). My target weight is 12 stone by my graduation next June.
I found this forum when I started in July, but only registered now. I did have a read of some of the stories on here, and found them so inspirational.
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welcome kaitlyn.

which diet are you doing?

this forum is great for inspiration & motivation. Everyone is really friendly & very helpful & we're all here to support you.



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Hi Emma
I'm just eating healthily (most of the time) and increasing my exercise. I've taken up swimming again (hadn't been for quite a while) and walking the dog more than before (which he thinks is great).
Good for you Kaitlyn on deciding for yourself that you want to loose weight. What ever way you decide to do it there will be someone else on here doing it.
To be honest it doesn’t matter how you intend to loose weight there are so many supportive people on here. It’s just like one big crazy diet/healthy eating club.
The other thing that I like about this forum is that nobody seem to ‘dis’ anybody else’s diet they just talk about ‘how it was for them’ which is fab.

Good luck

Aislinn x

p.s I’m currently having a sabbatical from dieting following a hysterectomy on the 8th July.


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Thanks aislinn. It does seem really spupportive on here.

Hope you're recovering well from your hysterectomy. I had a placement on a gynae ward back in year 2. There was one woman I followed throughout her stay-I admitted her, I went to theatre with her and I carried out her care in the post op days. She works in a local supermarket. I saw her there, must have been a good 6 months later. She was talking about the fact she had put on some weight and about her scar, and started lifting her t-shirt-I thought she was going to show me her scar in the middle of the supermarket! Thankfully she was just trying to show me that she had put on weight.


I know I can do it...
Hi Kaitlyn

Good luck with your diet. The forum is great for 24/7 inspiration, support and just being with others in a similar situation:)
Oh my god bet you were ready to take off Lol!!
I’ve lost 5ib so far without trying. I have been told that some people do and then but it back on. Hopefully I won’t because although I’m not dieting I am watching what I eat and walking (well doing laps around the garden and shops!!) Being almost house bound – I can’t drive for another two weeks (the shops aren’t within my walking distance at the moment) means that I can only eat what is in the house,
I’m a bit like a caged animal so when my husband gets in from work we head to a retail park several times a week but having him there means that I tend to buy something healthy!!
Speaking of gynea what makes a man decide that he wants to be a gynaecologis’? The are nearly all men……………I find it real strange lol!!

I just love watching everyone else’s progress on here. The trouble is I have got lots of time on my hands so I have to monitor how long I say on line each day – this forum is soooooooooo addictive!!

Aislinn x


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I think there were 5 or 6 consultants on the ward-only 2 of them (and one was fairly new) were females. It's different when it's a job though, isn't it. When I'm on the wards, catheterising people, giving enemas etc is normal-if a person rolled onto the side and flashed me there bum in the street, I would be horrified. I guess, on the ward you just see it as something you have to do, and I would assume that's how the gynae doctors see it
I know what you mean about caring for people as part of your job. But I still can’t get my head around why bloke what to spend there career trying to sort out lady bits. After all it’s when lady bits have gone wrong!! I’m pleased that women are beginning to go into the field I often found it difficult to explain what I really meant to a bloke. Having said that was so glad that they were able to sort me out.
I’m hoping to go back on the Cambridge diet when I reach 3 months post op.

Aislinn x
Welcome and good luck with your weightloss:)
The support here is fantastic


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Thanks everyone
Hi Kaitlin and good luck with your weightloss. x