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you probably get this everyday but I'm new here! :)

I briefly overheard the term Lipotrim one day on the tube and after googling it and researching it I became interested but hadn't taken the plunge to go the the pharmacy and talk to someone about my weight. Never something I'm comfortable doing.

But after reading this and seeing the success stories and the happy people I am finally going to do it and go there on Monday and hopefully start before the new year. Thanks for this, reading posts here are truly inspiring and motivational, as this is something I've had a problem with for years but never admit or talked about..

Thank You,

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Hi Ollie, Welcome and good luck when you start LT.
Follow the guidance to the letter and read the Stickys on this forum. Also get on here if you're struggling (everyone does for the first 4-5 days, then it gets really easy)
You'll be SO glad you've taken the decision, It's changed my life! xxxx


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Good luck with starting your LT journey....Caz xx
Thanks for all your lovely good wishes! :) can really see this place as being a help to me.

One question I do have is how helpful the chemist is in all this? I know it probably varies from person to person but in general ate they just there to do a job or do they help out a lot..

From reading about CD and LL it seems their councellors are a good idea!
Hi ollie
The best support is on here. I can't complain about my chemist I think they just do their job, and don't understand it all. Mine say the usual well done on you loss. When I do chat to them I feel they don't have the answers, thats why this site is a blessing. Good luck with LT. :)
Good luck with it :)

You really have picked THE diet that does what it says...... big time and soooo fast!

And everyone on here is really supportive and knowledgable about it, so don't be shy to post and ask for advice :)

Minimims got me there and it will do you too :D
:) :) :) :),welcome ule see fast results on lt so good luck & keep us posted :D :D
Welcome to LT you will find this site really helpful in the coming weeks xx
Welcome, don't worry too much about what the pharmacy is like. Mine is pretty good but I don't rely on them for more than the weigh in and the packs. I research all my inf myself and minimins is brill for this, not just the LT bit but the whole site.

If over time you feel that you do need more support then you can consider the other plans. Lighter Life do group therapy (you would be in a men only group), that is what makes it more expensive. CD have an individual person that you get your packs from so presumably they offer personal encouragement and support. The quality of the support these offer does depend on who you get a bit, but I guess anything is like that.

I can only tell you that it is easiest if you follow the plan exactly with no cheats and as someone else has said it has changed my life. My very best wishes and I am sure we will hear from you in the new year x
Hi again :)

The girls at my pharmacy are good, very informative and supportive too. However, this forum and the lovely members of it are more of a motivational aid for me on a daily basis.
Hi again :)

The girls at my pharmacy are good, very informative and supportive too. However, this forum and the lovely members of it are more of a motivational aid for me on a daily basis.
Everyone here including your good self seem to be lovely on here.. I've no doubt you'll all be a big help!! :) thank you Bing :)
hey ollie! welcome aboard! you definitely have made a good choice. this diet has really changed my life ! as to your question about chemists. i must admit that at times mine have made me feel so horrible that i have wanted to dig a hole for myself. now i just go for a weigh in and to pick up my sachets but other than that i do not ask them anything because they never knw the answers. they never encourage me to do well or congratulate me when i do :( at the end of the day not all pharmacists are the same and i hope that yours are a lot nicer! this place is my life line! i always come on here when i feel down or if i feel like cheating. like you said yourself, reading the success stories and even problems of others is encouraging and also makes you realise that there are lots and lots of people on the same bought as yourself. we are all here to support eachother so come online and just post! i reckon that the people on here know a hell of a lot more than the pharmacists and they hav been such a help to me! good luck and let us know how you get on xx
thanks bridetobe.. you've been keeping me entertained with all your posts this evening.. means a lot and looking forward to starting this! Tomorrow is a big day but the biggest will be the 30th/31st when I can start! :) Ill be sure to keep in touch!
hahaha please dont tell me you have been reading the thread about me having to sleep in the loo coz of my bad stomach! hahaha.... learn from it coz thats what usually happens if you cheat coz your stomach cant really handle the food all of a sudden! good luck for starting at the end of the year... good time to start really, its like a new years resolution. (sorry i asked about ur start date in another thread before i read this one)... i will actually be refeeding when you start coz i will be having a week off LT but I'll still be checking in here! good luck!