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Hi all

I am new to the site and a wee bit shy.

I have been doing the WW diet for about 3 months and have lost 18lb so far. I started off well but for a few weeks i just lost then gained. so i have moved class and for the last 2 weeks i have lost 5lb so back on track. I have decided also to give SW diet another try. I done it before and got great results but couldnt make a class every week due to job.So i will be getting weighed at WW but doing the SW diet. I came across this site when i was trying to get back up to speed on how the SW diet works. Everyone seems really nice and helpful so i thought i would join. :D
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Welcome to minimins. Ha ha - doing SW but at WW classes, I like it!
Pay a visit to the SW boards and say hi to the members there. You'll get loads of advice and encouragements.
Good luck.


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Welcome to Mini's :) Well done on your losses so far, and I hope they continue for you!


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Hi Irene

I work shifts and there is not a class anywhere near me that i would be able to go to ever week, thats why i had to give it up before as there was sometimes i couldnt go for 2 and 3 weeks and i just started cheating then!. I need to go to a class, tried doing it on my own but doesnt work so i will keep going to my ww class to get weighed but do the sw diet.


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Hi gaylie and welcome to minimins. Good luck!


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welcome and good luck !!!! ;)