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  1. becky29

    becky29 Member

    hi im new to cd on to day 2. goin ok so far. how do you get those ticker tape things showing weight loss?
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  3. IreneH

    IreneH Gold Member

  4. curlywurly1234

    curlywurly1234 Cambridge Consultant

    Hi Becky,
    Just wanted to wish you luck on your cd journey..and I hope you manage to sort out your ticker..
  5. Madferret

    Madferret Mad as a Hatter

    Hiya and welcome...
    I'm only on Day 1 so you are beating me, but I feel positive that this is the time for me....

  6. A.W.

    A.W. Member

    Hiya! Im on day 1 too! Thought the ticker tape thing would be a great idea to keeping me motivated - cant wait to hopefully move it along in a few days time!
  7. becky29

    becky29 Member

    hi again

    thanks for the welcome, have now done 6 days on ss and am starting to feel the difference. weigh in tonight so wish me luck, am hoping for 10!!!:eek:
  8. Anisah

    Anisah A pound at a time

    Hi, Welcome aboard! Good luck at your weigh in tomorrow.
  9. becky29

    becky29 Member

    thanks very much for the support i need itx
  10. Foosey

    Foosey Full Member

    Good luck with your WI tomorrow.
    Good luck to you all in your first week. I hope your CD journey will be full of plenty off losses.
  11. becky29

    becky29 Member

    i did it!!!!! lost 12 pounds in 6 days!!!!! am over the moon and so focused now for next week!!!!:)
  12. imagisal

    imagisal Full Member

    Wow...great start...have another fab week!!
  13. Lisa Claire

    Lisa Claire Full Member

    12lbs, wow, thats amazing!! Keep up the good work.
  14. becky29

    becky29 Member


    thanks for the congrats girls, another 3 lost since then so am hoping for a good wi. hope u r all doin ok, i could murder a pizza, lol:p
  15. moti17

    moti17 is gonna do it!!

    hI Becky
    I just wanted to say well done on your weight loss! Thats a brillient start,
    forget the bloody pizza!! Its never as good as what u think it will be if u eat it, beleive me, Ive been there and done it, u feel like crap afterwards!!
  16. charlotte_k

    charlotte_k Silver Member

    well done. 12lb is a great loss! x x
  17. charlotte_k

    charlotte_k Silver Member

    and another 3!! well done x x
  18. sarahlasvegas

    sarahlasvegas Full Member

    Brilliant start! Will spur you well into week 2. :D
  19. becky29

    becky29 Member

    tofm and i want to nibble constantly, did have some salad on monday at school prom but i avoided sandwiches n stuff that looked really nice. get weighed tomorrow, think i have lost at least 7, will be gutted if less.
    can now fit into some trousers which are a size smaller than normal, hooooray so i dont have to buy any new summer ones.
    i feel really healthy, i think my body is getting better nutrition now than when i was eating normally, skin is great, hair and nails lookin good too.:)
  20. becky29

    becky29 Member

    week 3 ss

    has anyone else slowed down in their weight loss, i only lost 3 this week but stuck to the plan rigidly. rather downhearted as i still dont seem to be losing. i have lost 23 overall which i know is good in 3 weeks however i need more!!!!!
  21. LizzMB

    LizzMB WILL be Slim!

    well done on the loss hun!

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