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High 10 stone to 9 stone?

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Through the stones to your zone' started by marylovesunicorns, 16 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. Hello! New to minimins and Slimming World too. Used to be around 13 stone a few years ago, currently try to trim down after slacking off from exercise - hoping to be fit and ready to race some 10ks coming up.

    Just wondering what sort of short term weight loss goals people have?? Can't remember being 9 stone since secondary school.... Any tips anyone would recommend??

    Also how often are you flexible about slimming world points?? It's my brothers birthday party next week so not too sure about it!

    Thanks a lot,

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  3. Bennyb

    Bennyb Member

    Hi Mary,

    im im trying to get to 9 stone and beyond lol.... I Changed from green days to red days this week as the past few weeks I've be hovering between 10st 10lb and 11st. I first did sw after my first baby in 2008 and did mostly red days & I lost the weight quite quickly. 2nd baby it took a while longer even though I started running 5k 3 times a week I was probably just back to about 9st 10 lb when I was expecting our third baby !!! Busy bee lol... The baby is now 3 months and I'm not making much progress. We have a wedding 23rd august & my goal is to be at the lower end of 10st if not under it... However the snag is we are away for a weekend break this week & I don't know how I'm going to manage.... I can't get to grips with the EE plan! So maybe we could buddy up to keep each other on track?

  4. Bennyb

    Bennyb Member

    Weigh in tomorrow and I feel really bloated today... I'll be soooo disappointed if I dont have a significant loss!

    Still sticking to the reds this week. Downloaded Squddies Excel document and it made me realise what I have to do to get where I want to be... Definitely worth a look .

  5. Bennyb

    Bennyb Member

    Anybody find that with exercise their losses increase or sts. I'd been doing a lot of exercise & green days & I was floating between 10st 10 lb and 11 st for almost a month. Hope the red days this week will have made a change.
    Exercise this week was
    5km run on treadmill
    4km walk
    8.5km bike ride with a child on the bike
    4 km walk
    13.5km bike ride with child on the bike too
    4 km walk
    think I might have done 20 min ab exercises in there some where too.
    My aim next week will be do at least 3 20 min ab exercises & at least 21km of walking / running.

    Weigh in this morning so fingers crossed!
  6. Bennyb

    Bennyb Member

    Well happy days... 2lb off...Whoohoo I was 10st 10.5lb last Friday, then after a night of wine & Chinese I was 10 st 13lb on Saturday but I'm takings lot loss from the Friday weight. 2lb a week would be great!
    red days are obviously the way to go for me. I'll try another week of reds to see how I go.

    Heading away for the weekend so fingers crossed I don't undo all that hard work!!

    Ive 4 weeks left till we are going to a wedding, maximum effort this week then.
  7. Bennyb

    Bennyb Member

    Another red day & I seem to only be using 3 or 4 syns a day so I might up them to about 10 & enjoy a curly wurly a few days next week.
  8. lolacola

    lolacola Silver Member

    I was originally in the 9's but am now in the high 10's - I weigh the same now as I did this time last year when I was 9 months pregnant. No excuse! I will get back into the 9's!!

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