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high protein,low cal, what do u think??

hi everyone!
im 5.1 and 115 pounds, want to lose 10-20 in 4 weeks

what do u think of this diet, will it help or not??


7 oz (200 gram) 0.5%fat cittage cheese + 1/2 cup low fat milk

steamed chicken breast or steamed fish + fresh vegetables


1.5 cup low fat milk

steamed chicken breast or steamed fish + fresh vegetables

up to a pound of steamed vegetables

no salt, drink lots of water and green tea

after2 weeks like this, im going to eat 1200 calories for 2 weeks

what do You think??
anyone wants to join??
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I think that your enegry will be zapped from your body. This diet is really unsuitable unless you've been to see a professional about it. Two weeks is a long time!

You've not given your age but i've just been on a calorie count website and here are your results after putting in your stats (5'1", 115lb, light activity (guessed) : goal 105lb in 4 weeks) and your result is 1200 calories a day.

Such sudden weight loss usually results in sudden weight gain after the diet when your body comes out of starvation mode (which it will be in for the first two weeks) and it will hang on to every bit of fat yo feed it. Since you're already slim stick to 1000/1200 a day using filling choices, add some fibre to your breakfast and excercise. The weight will come off in no time. You could lose 2lb a week on this plan.

Good luck


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Just my opinion, but the amount of calories you are planning to take in seems to be far too low. You won't get in all the nutrients you need from a limited diet like that and may end up making yourself ill.

Also, your plan to lose up to 20lbs when you are only 115 already is worrying me immensely. You're at an ideal weight for your height right now - bang in the middle of the healthy range - the sort of weight that most people would definitely be "slim" at.... can I ask what has made you want to lose more? Your BMI is 21.7:

  • Underweight = <18.5
  • Normal weight = 18.5-24.9
  • Overweight = 25-29.9
  • Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater
So as you can see, you are absolutely fine where you are. If you really wanted to get to the lower end of healthy, without risking your health (being on the low end of healthy is just as bad as being on the upper end, don't forget that!) then the maximum you should really be aiming to lose is 10-15lbs.

I would suggest aiming for 10lbs for now, if you really feel the need to lose weight, and consume no less than 1400 calories a day, combined with exercise. If someone of your weight does a diet like you have outlined above, you run a serious risk of permanently damaging your health.

Something like weight watchers or slimming world might be the best thing for you as it allows you to have a life and slim down healthily, without damaging your health.

Hope this helps, and please don't take any of this as criticism - it's honest advice and that's all it is.

PS. Aiming to lose it in 4 weeks is definitely unhealthy - a healthy loss on anything other than an approved VLCD should be no more than 2lbs a week, so it should take you at least 5 weeks to lose 10lbs, and 8 weeks to lose 15.


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