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Hit 10 Stone This Morning!!

My god, i havent weighed so little since i was single digits of age! :p

So bit of an update as i havent posted in a very long time. Still going with my 1000 calories a day diet. Its working for me despite the concerns people had. The weight has been lost over a sufficient period of time and doesnt suddenly pile back on if i eat differently for a day, so im quite happy with that.

Few new additions to my diet. 1 main one being my dog, shes gorgeous german shepherd x husky. She forces me to walk her atleast 2-3 times a day so of course my excercise has had to increase. And i now have cut out cups of tea completely and drink green tea in place. Its an absolute god send! Keeps me feeling full, tastes beautiful and has so many health benefits to it! (its also made me cut out sugar and milk which i think helps!)

Several Things I Now Stick By -
1. FLUMP marshmellows (they really really help at only 30 calories a stick and no sat fat they work perfectly to combat any sugary needs i may have)
2. TRY not to weigh in daily, as tempting as it is (and on occasion i still do) it can be very demoralising when you've suddenly put on a pound again.
3. Eat dinner slower!!! if i do this i find myself getting full ALOT quicker and hardly snack in between.
4. WALK to shops etc, no point driving if you can walk it, it all adds up.
5. Tesco salads & weightwatchers ready meals are perfect if you are on a low calorie diet.

Even though i am only doing 1000 calories a day i must stress i am NOT starving myself! I eat 3 healthy meals a day and an adequate amount i just opt for lower calourie food. I find it alot easier than point watching or slimming world.
a typical day for me would be:

-Breakfast - Cornflakes & Milk (125 calories)
-Lunch - Tesco/ Asda Salad (300-400 calories)
-Dinner - Weightwatchers ready meal or home cooked dinner with veg (400-500 calories)
-I drink roughly 5 - 6 cups of green tea a day and keep my body really hydrated as it helps me stay fuller longer.
-If i get sugar cravings (which i usually get at night when my boyfriend is pigging out next to me) ill have 1 or 2 flump marshmellow sticks (30 calories each) OR if i really need a chocolate fix i have a milkyway crispy roll (120 calories)

Im very nearly there and i have to be honest i could keep going with this diet forever as it really is just a case of swapping for lower calorie items!! If theres on thing ive learnt its not to cut out anything completely as it really wont last long term! dont deprive your body of something it wants just offer an alternative!

Feel free to post and lemme know how your all getting on!!

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