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hit a stop and fed up


Wishing and hoping!
Hey Tinks, Are you due on? or is it a case of upping the exercise, as I know that once people start to exercise innitationally their weight loss can appear to be a gain on the scales. I woyld not worry as if start going on a downward spiral in which I have done recently then it could to a self sabbatage, Just focus on the positives and you will be rewarded :D
yeah i am due on but not sure when. (had alot of stress lately) . but been gaining for a couple of weeks.
i'm not really doing more exercise than i used to its just i've had a week or so break with not being at work
thanks hun


Is so doing it this time
Hi Tink

Maybe your not eating enough. Remember if you exercising a lot your toning up as well and muscle weight more than fat.

Perhaps try going back to basics. Someone at my group was gaining and realised that because she thought she could judge how much her cereal for her HEX B was she'd stopped weighing it. It was the same with the HEX A and she was having loads in coffee throughout the day. It transpired that she'd been having loads more than she should. Are you remembering to drink lots of water? Our SW leader says to try drinking water when you think your hungry sometimes its not hunger at all. And remember not to eat it just because its free eat it because your hungry. Try to remain positive cos blips will happen hope this weeks better for you xx


Is so doing it this time
Hi again,sorry just re read your post..... I read somewhere that stress and anxiety can stop you losing weight. Lack of sleep can also jeopardise your efforts. Maybe try and focus on you,if possible find some "me time" and pamper yourself..... I know easier said than done ;) but I hope you have a less stressful week this week xx
thanks hun u r right i need to go back to basic and pamper myself
so gonna do a first week starting tommorrow and off shopping tommorrow i think and pamper nite when i get in if i can get my toddler to bed early enough
thanks hun

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