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Hit by First Chatterbox...


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.... went to Tesco earlier and was hit by my first serious/or any really chatterbox thoughts.

I've got to be honest and say that I've sailed along through the whole 100 days so far, and that I don't really struggle with abstaining - I just struggle with limited eating! Anyway I don't really think the fact that I know in my head that I'm now at my lightest in I don't know ?18/19? years is helping me.

I was in Tesco and seriously thinking things like 'oh I could just eat that' and 'what if I had just one meal' - now I'm not going to and I really don't want to but this is the first time that my Chatterbox has come out and chatted ..... and I don't like it :sigh:

I think it's cos I know that I look better, feel better and generally don't have that 'out of place' feeling that I always had when I was bigger - but I also know that I need to complete this, I'm only just halfway down this long long road of mine ....... just hope I can lose that bloody Chatterbox to stop it trying to tag along with me!
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Hi Katie

Well done girl for knowing what was happening. I think its only natural for us to want to eat lets face it is such a basic thing. But I know exactly how you feel. I feel very lucky that I am single and do not have to worry about having food around or even shopping for it.

Well Katie we both have atleast another 100 days to go and since we made it this far we may as well carry on hey :)


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Hi Katie,

Stay strong and don't let the old chatter box win...

You did well today not to give in!!!

Love Mini xxx


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Thanks Tange & Mini, was really strange - hopefully I won't get them too often and if I do it'll be here I run to!


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That's really strange Katie... I had the same today... I was with hubby and had to go in a chip shop!! It was torture... you know, if only I could have one chip etc, etc!! I knew I wouldn't succumb but up til now it hasn't happened... weird feeling but I won!!!:)
Well done Katie for ignoring you Chatterbox, if you can do that, you can accomplish anything! :)

Well said:clap:

Katie you should feel very proud of yourself! I think we all get the odd day like this, but tomorrow you'll wake up and feel even stronger as you know you can beat the chatterbox. Look at it as a positive experience, you heard the voice but chose to ignore it.

Anyhoo I know you can out talk your chatterbox any day:p


Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
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Hi Katie

Good on ya for having a louder voice then your chatterbox. I know how strong you are and how determined you are and how successful you are going to be, but its horrible when that happens. Mine pops up every now and again, and so far I have over powered it - I know I will to the end, but its awful when it happens. Good on ya girl for staying strong - though wouldn't have expected anything less from you. :)

I hope you are not so sore anymore too.



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S: 17st7lb C: 11st6lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 29.6 Loss: 6st1lb(34.69%)
Cheers all, got to say it got worse as the evening went on ..... really wanted cheese & wine and my mind was saying 'you can'..... buyt I didn't --- feel a lot better about it all today though - I's a new stronger woman, watch out Lynsey Wagner oops that Michelle out of Eastenders (showing my age now).

Anyhoo I know you can out talk your chatterbox any day:p - LOL Tracey, just told my hubby you'd wrote this and he agrees with you too :D

Tell you what I'm really glad I've got all of you here, would be a struggle to go this alone (((hugs)))

Bex, sorry you had one of those days yesterday too - shall we agree that now we've had our bad day we'll agree to have our next one on the twelth of Julember? ;)

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