Hiya - Can I join in here too?


Hi everyone, I already posted about me in the newcomers section before I saw this WeMITTS one. From when I started in May I'm shedding about 12st so I'm gonna be around for ages - I've been doing LT but just switched to CD for more flavour choices as my biggest problem has been tastebud boredom.
I've tried most diets in the past but never lost more than 3st before breaking them and putting on again - that isn't gonna happen this time! I've already crossed the psychological barrier of 3st and I'm determined to go ALL THE WAY this time. After 40 years of obesity I'm find out how it feels to be slim (hoping for size 14 or 12 - was size 16 at age 16 so will be a totally new experience)
Hope to join in on here and share the ups and downs and support. Thanks
Welcome to the WeMitts Lesleyfx. A more supportive, wise, fun bunch of people you will never meet. We'll be there to get you through the bad days, and to be [proud of you and congratulate you on the good days.
Please try and come and meet us all in Birmingham on November 25th/26th (see other thread) and e mail me anytime.
Ann xxx
Thanks for the replies! Not sure about Birmingham - it's quite a way from Manchester and with a dodgy hip that distance is probably a bad idea - but thanks for the invite. :)
My target at the moment is my hip replacement operation, probably January, but I find out this week. Have an Orthopaedic appointment on Wednesday and going to insist he tells what weight I have to be under for the op to go ahead. Fingers crossed he's kind, LOL