Hiya!! Newbie, Starting CD 19-09-07.

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Mz_Curvalicious, 18 September 2007 Social URL.

  1. Hi all :), I'm new to fasting and also to forum posting. I'm about to start the Cd tomorrow and Im quite worried that I wont be able to do it without constant support as i often lack willpower after a while. I've visited a couple of sites with forums on CD looking for tips and advice and have read a few posts on here already. I love the way you all give each other so much love and support its refreshing.

    I guess I just need to know how to deal with certain problems like, feeling hungry, dealing with cravings for your favourite foods, boredom etc

    Or maybe I should just start it and shut up, instead of neggin myself out before I give it a go. I just want to be prepared because I really want to and need to do this.

    Is there anyone who has also started this diet this week?

    Im ecstatic for all those who are losing and are making changes in their lifestyles, not only body, but mind and soul also (New drinking, New thinking) lol. xxx

    I don't really know how to end this, feel like im typing to myself lol. I just hope that I can do this and get through this properly.

    Can't wait for tomorrow:)

    Cya xxx
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    First of all i'd like to say welocome to minimins, it's really a great place to be with loads of advice & support. We're all in the same boat here & know hard hard it can be at times whether is be at the beginning or towards the end. My best advice to you is drink plenty of water, it can be difficult at fiest especially if you're like me who never used to drink water at all. Your CDC will probably tell you to drink about 2 1/2 litres per day but if you can aim for between 4-6, the moto on here is 'the more you drink, the more you shrink' & it is very true but don't over do it, too much water can be bad for you.

    Keep posting as much as you can it really helps, i look forward to reading your posts & hearing you shrink.

    Good luck with seeing your CDC tomorrow, let us know how you get on!....xxx
  4. tara1

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    cambridge diet
    Hi, I'm starting today as well...was on the diet for the first time a week ago for 3days but then i didn't stick to it! hope i do better this time.
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    welcome Mz C, from a fellow brummie.

    Ive been on the diet for almost 14 weeks now and its great. The first week will be really hard so you are going to have to be strong these next few days. Just concentrate on getting through each day and aim for 4 litres of water.

    There are a few newbies and returners here at the moment so hopefully you will get lots of support, and us old timers are here to help as well.

    Whereabouts in brum are you?
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    Hi MC
    Welcome to minimins! Good luck on your start today. Follow the good advice that's been given by the lovely people above and you'll be fine. I re-started on the 10th and have about 6 / 7st to lose (already lost 6st).

    Grit your teeth and get through that first week and all will be fine. Come on here and post LOADS or play games in the minimins arcade - it'll take your mind off things.

    Looking forward to hearing more from you :)
  7. paula 36

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    hi lovey im on day 6 ,if i can help give us a shout.
    Good luck for 2 morrow xx
  8. Mochaj

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    :welcome::welcome::welcome: to this fantastic site :)
  9. ava

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    Welcome to minimins, the support here is fantastic and will definately help you through the tough times.

    Problems such as feeling hungry shouldn't really be an issue once your in ketosis, the first few day to a week will be tough(imo) but if you can get through it and see the great result at the end of the week it will give you the motivation to carry on. As for dealing with cravings, boredom etc, just try and find other things to do that don't involve food, take a bath, paint your nails, read a book/mag. The way i always reason with myself is that whatever food i may be fancying, it will still be there in 3/6/9 months time, but for now i have made the commitment to myself to do this and that is more important than any food :)

    Good luck and stay positive, you can do it :D
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    I think you've summed it all up there x
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    I have just joined up - I am starting Cambridge SS on Friday. I am excited but scared at the same time.

    I cannot wait to see results. And to feel a bit less like a house-end. Just for my fat clothes to fit me would be great at the moment.

    I am 5ft 2ins, and weigh in at 14 stone 3lbs. There.... admitted it !!

    Anyway, good luck - you will ahve to let me know how you get on in the first few days.

    I will be back, no doubt, for inspiration and advice.
  12. Hello Everyone :wave_cry::D

    I was so overwhelmed by all the support and welcomes, Thank you all for your kind words of enthusiasm, such a wonderfull online community and also reading your posts almost brought a tear to my eyes lol :eek:

    I really thought I'd get an email informing me if people responded so I apologise for the last response.

    My first day went quite easily, well hunger side of things....

    I started with half a pint of water, then went on to have a peanut bar which was absolute filth, did not tickle my tastebuds fancy whatsoever. lol So that took me 2 hours to munch and get down me each bite and munch followed by water so i couldn't taste it.

    That was followed by more and more water until dinner, where i had myself a chicken and mushroom soup which suprisingly wasn't that badddd, was alrite actually lol although when it got cooler I didnt like it as much so put it in the microwave to warm it up abit tase much better at a higher temp lol. (Dont worry I didnt mix it with boiling water). Drank More water thereafter.

    With my last meal I didn't really need it, I didnt feel hungry, I was just curious and bored I had a Butterscotch Shake which was filth. I tried to hold my nose a drink it and somehow that method just did not work. So I didnt drink it, I made half a Banana one instead which was, OMG the sexiest diet meal I've had lolll and it being so sexy nearly messed it up, because it was so sweet and sexy and bananary, I forgot I was on a diet, and reached for a custard cream, If I wasn't caught with the cheeky little thing in my hand I think I would of ate it lol tut tut aye?!

    So anyway, tonight I'm going to exchange the peanut bars for cranberry ones and the chocolate and butterscotch shakes (although i haven't tasted the chocolate one yet, I'll probably save one to taste) for the sexy banana ones.

    Hi Fuzzy Angel, I struggled to fit in the 2 1/2 litres of water yesterday, Is it really possible to drink 4-6? lol

    Hi Tara, How was your 1st day?:)

    Wanalose8stone Hi, I'm actually the outskirts of Birmingham more like Walsall lol.

    Thank you so much Russian Doll, Paula, Mochaj, :tear_drop::)

    Ava Quoted, "The way i always reason with myself is that whatever food i may be fancying, it will still be there in 3/6/9 months time, but for now i have made the commitment to myself to do this and that is more important than any food"
    << That is a good theory and Id like to thank you because i love food tooooooo much and get so much cravings for grease!!! I'd liek to write that down and stick it on my wall so I see it everyday and I'm reminded why I'm doing thi in the first place, thanks again.:)


    I'm off to have some breaky lol, I'm going to have a sexy banana shake ummm lol might even split the pack so It lasts longer lol. (greedy trait unravelling):eek:

    Thank you for your responses, I wasn't expecting so much love.

    I'm going to be on here a bit more regularly now.

    Cya xxx
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