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    Since i was 12 i have been going to slimming world where i was just keeping an eye on my weight but i have always been heavier than other people my age and always felt insecure about i have a lot of problems relating to being my weight. a couple of years ago i felt good about my weight i was 12stone7lb stone i had lost a stone at that time and i felt great i looked great and felt comfortable although i was still not happy but before i knew i was sitting all day in front the tv eating junk and put on nearly 3 stone in a matter of 3 months. so after christmas we joined another slimming world group as we moved i yoyoed for ages then one week i thought i ve got to get my head together i lost 5 lb although it didnt last me and my mum started going to weightwatchers and we both lost nearly a stone then in september we lost a dog of sixteen years we lost we wanted to eat all the time and we couldnt stop ourselves so christmas comes at the end i am heavier than i was last year 15 71/4 not going to meetings cos i cant afford them as i work partime and have no overtime. but i got my head ingear for 2 weeks i'm now yoyoing again between 14 10 and 14 13 i cant break it i know what i could look i know i need to lose the weight but my willpower is at an absolute 0. well thats my story hopefully i can get a bit of moviation
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  3. Hi charlie
    Your story resonates with me so much! I've struggled with my weight since my school days and yo-yoed ever since! I think you have to be in the right frame of mind, place and time to really knuckle down! I've always envied people with the willpower to open a packet of haribo and just eat one, I see opening a packet as a challenge and eat them all in one go! I've gone onto the cambridge diet which is restrictive but seems to be helping me.... i intend to follow slimming world after I drop the weight so I can maintain my loss!
    Do you have myfitnesspal? Fill in the diary everyday on there? I find that can help! I've joined minimins to keep me occupied when I feel hungry! So when you see me on hers its so i dont pick at anything i shouldn't (theres cake and chocolates at work today FML) but you can do it hun! :)
  4. Cahrlierogers

    Cahrlierogers Full Member

    this is mostly my problem if i have atreat oi have to finish the pack. i do do my fitness pal but having difficultly now i didnt im gonna try writing one on here like a coming clean page lol(obviously not wroiting all my food down just my thoughts). at the moment i cant get myself off my arse and do the exercise i love it but love siting down and watching tv more i think as the whether getsbetter and nights get longer i might get better with that bit and puppy is a couple of days from being able to go for walks he is gonna be knackered lol
  5. kihonfit

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    Hi Charlie. Motivation is the key here. To be successful, you must decide that you are going to do this 100 per cent. Anybody who is successful at losing weight and keeping it off will probably have two things in common. They decided they would reach their goal before they even started, and they chose a method they could use easily, and stick to. If one method has failed in the past, try another. There is a way out there for everyone. You need to find the one that is right for you (cost, time, ease of use, etc.) Then set yourself small goals. Instead of saying I want to lose 30 pounds in the next 6 months, say I will lose 1 1/2 pounds this week. Expect some set-backs, but don't let them stop you. There are two sayings I want you to keep in mind. Firstly - good decisions come from past mistakes. If you try something and it fails, ask yourself why, and use it to learn how to avoid the same mistake in future. Second - every great journey begins with one small step. Decide 100 per cent to do this (your goal), and take the first step. Someone once told me, the hardest thing about any job is getting started. Once you start, everything else just falls into place. Sorry to ramble, but I hope this helps you in some small way.
  6. Cahrlierogers

    Cahrlierogers Full Member

    hello there i have decided i need to this so will be around for a while but i get moviated for like 2 weeks then im not when i lost my stone i didnt do anything i would still to know what i did i'm convinced it was just my puppy fat being lost i think im gonna say a 2 lb target i know i can do it im a moviated i lost my weight in one week after chirstmas i couldnt believe it
  7. Hi Charlie what kind of a day have you had? If you come on here every time your tempted to cheat or give In and write down your feelings you will probably find by the time you're done writing you won't want to give in anymore. I also agree with kihonfit.... Expect some set backs!!! If losing weight was easy the whole world would be slim. X
  8. Cahrlierogers

    Cahrlierogers Full Member

    i have had quite a bad day i didnt realise how bad the donor meat and burger bun how much it was i mean i cant believe i spent over 1000 kcals on my dinner not happening again until im at target i will have to find something else. i surpose your right all i can think is i wanna be slim and i think its getting in the way because if im not losing a lot in a week im not happy so small steps i think im not gonna do it with weight i know that its a bonus to lose weight but i think im gonna have target to get rid of something everyweek
    for example this week i may try and get 1.5 litres a day stay with that for for a couple of weeks to get used to it increase it every so often
  9. Lol....oh mate if you google what's in donor meat you will never eat it again... :) Why don't you go back to basics write everything down...if you try myfitnesspal again add me... My user name is kimzz1982. I think your idea of getting rid of something that's 'bad' for you every week is a good idea. The water idea is a great one! I have a liter bottle of water and home which I fill each day and one at work I aim to drink the one at work before lunchtime, refill it and drink that before I finish and the one at home till bedtime, somedays it's tough but water really does help.

    I know now it's hard.....half the reason I failed at diets like weightwatchers and slimming world is because they allowed me too much leeway.... If I'm given free choice I will choose the things that I shouldn't like chocolate and sweets...my downfall has always been my sugar addiction. I chose to do the cambridge diet because it restricts my choices until I lose the weight then helps to reintroduce food in a better and more balanced way. I think sometimes you just have to find what works for you and what doesn't! X

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