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i love minimins me :)
hey everyone

am stacey, 19 and at uni studying to be a social worker

I weigh around 14st and am only 5'4 so am aiming to loose 3 to 4 stone

Tried ll once and only lasted a week, did loose 11lb, but my weigh in was on the saturday and on the friday i felt i cudnt cope anymore, my family were all goin out the house to sit in the car wen they wanted to eat cos they felt guilty, i didnt get any support from my friends and it was difficult at uni

But i have decided i have since put more weight on, and its really really getting me down, i have moved outta my parents house now so thats no longer a problem went and spoke to llc few weeks ago and she was happy that i wanted to start again, she did have a class starting but it was no good for me due to uni and work hours, so am now waiting for a new group to start, thinkin bout ringin her tomorrow and seeing if many other people have been for an induction

i really really just want to get started

I am sooo glad i found this site, wish i had found it last time, i didnt know there was such a place, have had a quick look round and it looks fab and u all seem like lovely people

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I felt like you just before i started the diet in January. I was just wishing xmas away cos I couldnt wait to start and loose weight. Rapidly!

Check in on a daily basis. This site has got so many good tiips and advice and genral support.

Good luck lovely.



has started again!!
Hi Stacy,

Well done on rejoining LL, and so glad you found us here! I have been on LL for five weeks now, my WI is tomo!!

It is not always plain sailing for me, especially as I am the main cook at home, with Oh and 2.4 kids!! Having said that everyone is really supportive,,and during times of doubt, I jump on here (if I can) and I know somone will be along to help!!

Welcome, and happy dieting!:bliss:


somebody shrink me
Hi Stacey!

I'm at uni too, and there are definite benefits to doing the diet!! (though i'm doing cd) You'll spend far less on nights out when you're only sipping water!! Which means money left over for... clothes!!:D :D

End of week 2 and a stone down- I would definitely recommend this diet!!

I'm sure the wait is frustrating, but it'll be worth it!

Good luck!


i love minimins me :)
thanks everyone

aww ya all seem so friendly :) it will be nice to have pple that understand, so far everyone i have mentioned it to think am crazy lol



Silver Member
Hi Stacey and welcome --- you've come to the right place for all the support you need while you're on LL - Good luck with it.

Hi Stacey,

Welcome to Minimins - it is a great site, even if you dont get directly involved in every discussion I find it really helpful to read through other peoples experiences. You will quickly find that you are not alone.

I had the same measurements as you when I started Lighterlife and I cant recommend it enough, it is so worth making the commitment. I feel fantastic.

Good luck and hope you can start soon.
Hi Stacey Hope you get a class starting soon I couldnt wait to get my class going just had my first weigh in on Tuesday and have lost 11.5lbs but it has also been with the help and inspiration I get her on minimins couldnt cope without this site now.
Mandy x.

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