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  1. dinks90

    dinks90 Full Member

    Hi everyone :)

    I'm a new member, just joined today and wanted to say hello!

    Started my weight loss journey last week and lost 7lb :)

    I'm following Slimming World however not going to the classes as money is tight and I feel £5 is alot of money to get weighed when I can do it myself at home. I used to go to the classes so I have some of the books and anything else I need I just use the internet. (Google is my best friend) ;)

    Also signed up to Curves today - hate the thought of going to a regular gym as I've put on so much weight in the last few years the thought terrifies me. Plus I'm so unfit I don't think I could handle a normal gym :ashamed0005:

    I'm looking forward to using this forum and finding handy tips for weight loss and having a nice wee blether :D
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  3. Baxk

    Baxk Full Member

    dinks hi,
    wish you the best with your weight loss efforts. Your first week was great and you've already lost 7 lbs. You want to shed almost 10 stones of body weight.
    Just one question: have you considered how long is your weight loss journey going to take? I am asking this, because I think quick fixes is not the best choice, and I'd like to hear your opinion on this.
  4. dinks90

    dinks90 Full Member

    I know it's going to be a long journey, I'm not stupid. SW is not a quick fix. Shake diets are quick fixes in my opinion as once you lose the weight you won't continue having shakes and will end up putting the weight back on.
  5. Baxk

    Baxk Full Member

    Of course you are not stupid. Struggling with weight loss for many years is an ugly reality. That's why many dieters seek quick fixes. They want finally a better quality of life. I agree with you that quick fixes like shakes, can't solve the problem. Looking for updates and news from you and your weight loss journey. CU around!
  6. maddyshambles

    maddyshambles Member


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