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hmmm dunno wots up really.


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Felling bit like well i dunno really! Just the thought of another bannaa shake or strawberry just bores me! Im only on day 4 im thinking it will prob get better when i can actually physically eat something when i get the bars on tuesday! Dont get me wrong im not hungary at all which is good and i went for drop in on day 2 and had lost 2lb which is brill.
Its just so hard seeing others eat such lovely things and go food shopping and know you cant have anyting in the shop!
Hmmmm just feeling bit down
I really struggled yesterday eating the 4 foodpacks n managed 3!
Today i have only had 1 pack...the thought of another shake....just dosnt excite me!
Sorry for letting everything out...just need 2 :cry:
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Hi hon

It can be tough getting in to the groove.

When you start having those feelings, try to 'change the channel' - it really is that easy with practice. or when you see others eat - look or go away. I had to physicially remove myself from situations in the first couple of weeks.

It's easy for us to feel sorry for ourselves - but that only causes bad feelings and inner turmoil. Remind yourself when you start feeling deprived, etc., that you ae doing this diet by "choice". Our LLC stressed that to us, and as you keep reminding yourself that, you will honestly start to feel less deprived of what others around you have.

Chin up - focus on positive - you are going to be a sexy beutiful bride and in short measure you will be eating again. This is only a very VEry TEMPORARY measure....its not forever. SOmetimes that gets lost, and it FEELS like it will be forever.

Hang tough kiddo. It is all worth it at the end, and you can do this.

But get all 4 shakes in! VERY important!! And, the bars will make a big difference - so not long now.

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Hi SB2B,

Why you don't you try making a couple of the recipes out of the shakes if you can't face them as shakes. The chocolate muffin with banana custard is really nice, or you could try warming up vanilla and adding coffee to it, it tastes just like a shop bought vanilla latte.

I was fasting for a month so could not eat or drink during daylight hours. I used to have 1 shake and 1 litre of water before dawn, and then had to fit in 3 packs and 2 litres of water after sunset. I used to find it quite difficult to fit in 3 packs between like 8pm and 10pm, so I used to make the recipes, they really got me thru!

Give it a try! And as BL said, not long now til u get your bars, so that will make a difference. Good luck! x

P.S. yes you can double up your shakes, I do that sometimes when I am late having all my packs


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hey girls!!! went on the recipe thread and just attempted to may a muffin not got any choc shakes as swopped them on day 2 as didnt like them as a shake altho might get some this week as just made an attempt of a banna muffin....was abit rubbering but its so weird i came thru with a big smile to OH saying ohhh i just made a bannna muffin and its now made me so much happier that i can do something a bit dif when i need 2! might make the ice cream later on!
Thanks girls...your all so helpful!
the recipies are great. I combine two packs (usually chicken and mushroom) and make them into crisps. Took me a while to get the hang of them but I have them every day now.
Sometimes I'll combine a strawberry and chocolate shake which are scrummy.
Never mastered muffins but some of my group have them every day. It really does make a difference having something to chew. And when you get to eat bars it'll make a big difference and hopefully stop the boredom.
Stick at it!!


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thanks girls for all ur replys its really nice to talk to ppl in the same position! well i have bananna,strawvery,mushroom packs! any ideas on what i could make with them??
oh make the ice cream, having that when im hungry makes me so happy, also why not try having hot choc if u dont like it as a shake, i have one every night before bed yummmmmm

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