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Red Days Hmmm side dish help please!

Morning All!

Im having my Mum over for lunch on sunday. She had a gastric band fitted a few years back and it really effects things she can eat. Ive never cooked for her!
So I decided on chicken breast stuffed with LF boursin and wrapped in bacon medallions.
But I need help with a side dish. Id like to do some with potatoes, like dauphinoise. needs to be soft and dinner needs to have a sauce or something with it.

Ive done a search under the recipes and it came back with using a colmans packet, but at 8 syns im not really wanting to 'waste' them on that!

So, any advice lovely people??

Has anyone made a cheesey sauce from erm boursin (+ syns) and milk (hexa)? Do you think this would work if i mix and pour over and bake? Should do, right?

If anyone has a better idea pls let me know :eek:
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Mrs V

Loves Life!
I have a gastric band and its all depending on how restrictive your Mum's is.
A thin sauce works better than something thick if she is anything like me. You could either do a tomato based sauce with the chicken, or indeed boursin thinned out with a bit of milk and water.


Will be thin god dammit!!
The primula light cheese melts down really well and is 1 HEXA for half a tube!
I love this website!

What would I do without you, thanks so much xxx

Think I might stick with the Bourin, she loves garlic! Also she said tomatos dont stay down with her. It worries be a bit this band, lots of food doesnt agree now for her (salad, toms, etc etc) :(


Will be thin god dammit!!
Good grief - a weight loss thing that repels salad!!!
Funny isnt it. Doesnt seem to repel kitkats though, tut tut Mother!

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Lol..I find that I cant digest iceburg lettuce or the skins on tomatoes if they are older tomatoes and the same with peppers.
I can eat other lettuce though and eat cherry tomatoes.
I cant eat skins on potatoes though and miss the jacket on a jacket potato :(
Regarding chocolate and crisps...because they melt in the mouth they are easier to eat and need to be eaten in moderation as you can "cheat the gastric band".
My Aunt has found this out and has actually paid to have hers removed....too many icecreams and cream teas!
Ahhhh, thanks! Glad to know its not just my Mother! She also needs to drink orange juice prior to a meal to keep it down. Does that sound 'normal'?

Anyhoos I do worry about her, she's me mum :)

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