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hmmm thinking of....

I didnt have to pay any start up price. Just payed for foodpacks. some cdc's do charge something i think from a previous thread but i think alot dont charge anything its just your packs.
are you sure ... got email off of cd councillor today not my one im planning on going with another one i tried to contact ages ago and she said £25 for a started pack lol i was like i cant afford that as well as sachets!
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Ive never paid anything except for packs and never heard of a CD who's charged for this (and I've spoken to about 10 altogether including my actual CDCs). They can charge for the booklet etc. at their discretion but this 'start up' fee is not a CD thing, they must just be deciding to try and make some extra cash! Personally I'd find another one as wouldn't like the idea I was gonna be ripped off by the person who' sposed to be supporting me...

But, as Mike (ice moose) said to me very wisely yesterday, you're paying for the service and support, not just the packs. SO if you think this CDC is worth it, you should go for it. If not, find another



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I paid my cdc an induction fee. It was £6. £25 is ridiculous! Ask her what you get in the start up pack.
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I never paid a start up fee :confused: Never heard of it before.
I just paid for the product. I did pay £1 for the booklets from my first CDC though. x
Obviously I'm not on CD, but on LL I wasn't asked for any startup fee - but if my LLC HAD asked for an upfront fee, I wouldn't have known any different and just paid it thinking that was normal, so it could just be them trying to get a few more £'s out of you.

then again, if my LLC had asked for £150 up front, I still would have done it! the difference it's made already would have been worth any amount to me :)


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My CDC asked for a £10 admin fee which would be returned on the 4th week or if you referred another Customer... i thought this was far as the 1st meeting did take a long while and if I was only to stick to it for a week she would lose out.... plus it encouraged me to stick to the diet just to get my money back as such!! Saying that I think £25 is rather steep... especially if it nonreturnable!!

Jodie, Laura will only charge you for your food pack's!!


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Make sure you get your moneys worth in this start up pack .Seems a bit steep if all you get is your booklets .Have heard of a fee before but never had to pay one myself .It may be that this cdc offers more than just packs some have other skills that my be well worth the extra money xx
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Depends what the starter pack is!It may be that this CDC puts together a pack of sachets and products so that you have some spare or a few extra for emergencys...ie if she is ill or you can't make an appointment....if this is what you are paying for then that is fine...if not I would have a good think about it


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never heard of a start up fee let us know what you get good luck


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ask what is in it hon. if it's just the booklets, well you can get them online from the cambridge site. if it is products and a shaker and all of that then that's different. i think i paid a fiver for some ketostix, a shaker, the booklets and some other things which i didn't find too excessive. and the startup session did run for an hour so a fiver i didn't mind. 25 quid? make sure you are getting something worth it or ask if you can opt out of getting it or she'll lose a client all together. it certainly isn't something recommended by cambridge.

abz xx

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