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Hmmm Water...


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I'm the other way, can't get enough already drank 3 n a half litres. Sorry no ideas but good luck with it x


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set yourself times, that what I do. I have i pint before work (8am), 1 litre before 12, another pint during lunch, 1 litre before 5 and my last litre in the evening. (That way I am not up all night)


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use water flavouring with cheap sparkling water, it is lovely especially the summer fruits (which I have opened today)...

Lovely ice cold...



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Suck it through a straw! You can definately drink more though a straw!
I try and have a drink on every hour, set my watch for the first 2 days now its automatic. I'm preparing for my start next week. I just hated that water in a barrel belly feeling, drinking a pint in one go, if I hadnt drank for a while lol
i have 5litre bottles. i pour that into a 2litre, another 2litre, then leave the rest.

So i know i have to drink the two 2litre bottles to have drank 4litres.
I fill and refill a 500ml bottle with the water from the 2litre sooo much easier to drink it from a small bottle. then if i drink another bottle out of the 5litre thats 4.5 etc.

Confusing system i have but it works i used to write it down each time i went to the fridge but that got annoying!!
Ive bottles all over my house even store the empty ones in boot of car!!!
Try drinking it warm, I cant drink cold water but warm, much easier.


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Here's my system lol if it helps:
1pint before breakfast - shake - 1 pint after
1pint before lunch - tetra block - 1 pint after
1 pint before tea - soup - 1 pint after
and 2 pints through out the evening when I get hunger pangs

I find this routine helps me stop getting hungry and I know i'm getting enough water



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Hi goolian
I use a few of the ideas already here.
Sometimes have warm water .. I know cold is better but it makes me gag :sign0137:
and use a 2L water bottle (refill from tap) through the day with another pint before and after it (3L ish).
Am gonna try the straw thing :confused:
Good luck - this place is amazing...

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