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hmmm what would do teh least damage..help!!

hey guys ,looking for some advice!

its my mams 50th next week and they really want to go out for a meal to celebrate but she has now said 'we wont go out coz it wont be fair on you' and i foolishly said 'mam ill go for dinner with you all and just have a main course.!'
i know no matter what i eat will do damage but im just trying to minimise the damage and still enjoy the occassion. i dont want to do a refeed week because i feel that may do alot more damage...i dont know if the one night is a better decision.
so has anyone any advice? like what would be less damaging to eat? or would a refeed week be better?

im unsure and i dont want to muck it all up for one night but i also want to enjoy it with them and i know my mam wont enjoy it as much if im sitting there with a glass of water! :wave_cry:
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If you have to eat my suggestion would be either chicken or white fish with veg that grows above ground like broccoli, cauli etc. This way you'll still stay in ketosis. You could always just have a couple of mouthfuls and just shove the rest around our plate and make it look like you're eating. I know it's a waste, but if t keeps your Mum happy then so what.
thanks lou! yea i dont think id be able to eat much more than that the 1st time ..might be to heavy! so dont plan on having much at all, just to be part of it! so plain chicken, no sauce. why above ground veg? xx


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I don't know, I just remember when I was on atkins that anything that grew below ground had too many carbs in.
ok thanks for the advice!! very much appreciated!! xx


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Breast of chicken (grilled) with green salad....no dressing or croutons. Honestly it will taste like a feast. But defo NO ALCOHOL!!!
ooh good tip sara!! guessing stay away from tomatoes or anything acidy!!
no dont worry about the alcohol..im a lightweight anyway so after being in keitosis i can only imagine how horrifying that would be!! xx

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